Mary ushers in the new year, as usual. 2019 Blessings to you! Briefly

I’m still searching for the Holy Grail of Genderology, the keeper of the keys of today’s gender du jour. JOURnalists, where are you? Where is this Wizard who daily comes up with yet another new gender on college campi everywhere. Has anyone pulled back the curtain in GenderOZ yet?

Faustina on February 5, 2001. Not a medical doctor, I still see life. What do you see?

Meanwhile, we celebrate 2019 with the 2nd Eve, Mary of Nazareth recently seen in Beth’lehem of Judea. Awaiting the Magi, the Wise Men who still seek the King

As a single dad working hard for his real estate clients, I will be exchanging vows with another Mary, Mary of Torrance at another Nativity location, not of Bethlehem but in LA County’s Nativity Church, yes of Torrance, too. Beautiful irony, it will be on June 8th, the 30th birthday of Nathan the 5th of 11. SAVE THE DATE!

Quick recap: days ago, we celebrated the Son of the 2nd Eve, Jesus of Nazareth at the House of Bread, known as Beth’Lehem. Irony, Torrance is also the Home of the King’s bread, a tasty sweet Hawaiian bread but not nearly as enduring as the real King Bread of Life, nestled in a manger each December 25th; Nine months after we celebrate His Conception on March 25th. Church tradition, no matter what your faith is, believes Jesus was ‘born to die’, conceived on earth for a greater purpose. As it is, March 25th on the Gregorian (and Friday the 13th day of Nisan on the Hebrew) calendar, is the culmination of Jesus’ life work.

ALL of us have a purpose and plan in God’s realm; ignore the grumblers and Job’s counselors who accuse and despise you: you ARE precious in God and many on earth’s, sight.

From the HiStorical archives, we know Mary IS the Immaculate Conception, conceived without sin to someday bear the Son of God. Often confused with Jesus’ birth, her Yes! anchors His Story and ours, too.

The God of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and that incredibly important and abundant though trace gas CO2, with which He FEEDS the WORLD, is the same God who Designed and Let us “Make man(kind) in Our image” (google ‘Genesis’) as He designed and made Mary.

Her birthday is nine months after we celebrate her Conception without Sin on Dec 8th. Mary’s actual traditional birthday, Sept 8th, for the Cherry Tree Beckmans, is bitter sweet since Sept 8th was Donna’s last full day of life on earth.

What will 2019 bring? It is yet to be written and acted out, but God knows. In His spare eternity time, He made a 553 sextillion mile wide universe, trillions of insects, billions of planets, stars, plants, animals, thousands of biochemical processes like photo-synthesis (made with light)…and only one first couple. The one we know as Adam & Eve#1. Imagine that: the Wise One trusted building His universe of humanity to US!

As Bing sang at the Holiday Inn, then General Waverly’s Columbia Inn in White Christmas, celebrate the ONE Human Race, made up of so many colors, creeds, countries, faiths and sizes: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS INSTEAD OF SHEEP. Don’t allow the pimps of dissension misapply “Racist!” to mankind’s every thought and movement. Ignore the victimologists and race pimps: YOU are in charge of your destiny, of living YOUR life: match it to God’s plan for ultimate joy. But, there is only ONE race yet different cultures, geolocations of origin and opportunities to do great. AS I prompt, whether in Rome with a million World Youth Day kids or in California, it IS a great day to be alive! Live it as IF you believe it!

Tina, a few years after her ultrasound

No matter what the Wizards of Genderology tell you, we are female and male. God has existed forever as three, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Don’t ask me to explain: no one, even Monica’s Augustine, can. That is why God made us in His Image, not ours. He hinted with three colors, red, blue and yellow that together make pure light but with three distinct prime colors. And despite SCOTUS and too many environmental SJW committees calling CO2 evil, God doesn’t see it that way. As usual, God knows best. He continues to synthesize food with light (photo-synthesis) to keep us ALIVE on earth. “Light from Light, true God from true God…”

Photosynthesized zucchini in the hands of a beautiful Tina. Thank God for carbon dioxide and light, water & life

Our image is incomplete, as long as the genders du jour list is today. And in between His birth and Mary’s Jan 1st celebration, we recognize the First Family, the Holy Family.

Your family and mine are different; all families are. Essentially, my 11 kids visualize 11 different families, depending on their birth order. But we are ONE family. Our model, celebrated Dec. 29th last year, is a confused but set straight by an angel, Joseph. His betrothed wife, the Immaculata, became the mother of God in God’s good time AND the exact middle of eternity. The First Family, as examples go; the Holy Family. Your ancestors are mine: Adam and Eve, celebrated by the Jewish scriptures, remain our great, great….great grandparents, no matter where on earth or who you are born to. That’s what happens when God creates only one first couple, a mom and dad.

God copyrighted the rainbow years ago.

Today, we see what God and heaven sees in the womb: via ultrasound, we see life for what it is: innocent and ready for 80 years or so. The Family is God’s building block on earth. Fractured often yet nothing beats being a part of a family. Viva la difference! So count your blessings in 2019, live life to the fullest and make a difference, build up instead of gossip and tear down. Mary is the ark of His covenant, the first tabernacle of Jesus on earth and our Queen Mother now in heaven. God, despite us insulting Him about His abilities to control His climate and carbon dioxide His gift, continues to feed us via photosynthesis and His Word, proclaimed throughout the earth until the end of time.

Come June 8th, nine months after we celebrate the birth of Mary, another Mary, this one of Torrance, can say yes to the single dad of 11. We have Donna’s blessing; hoping for God’s and that of the eleven great kids (including the one she bore 30 years previously on 6-7-89 plus one day) Donna brought into the light with love… before getting her just reward eternally.

Make EVERY day and relationship count in 2019. You are loved!

Happy New 2019 Year, all!


Real Estate: Super HEROes and PACE loans…Owners & buyers beware

Free money is always an alluring thing; and it takes a while to believe that “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”  And have you ever heard the phrase: “We gonna be in your neighborhood helping your neighbors get free (or inexpensive) energy efficient improvements.  Can we come by and give you an estimate?”

There are two popular programs that people use to add and upgrade to their home: The HERO Program is an energy efficient financing program in the United States; HERO stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity.  The mother ship is known as “PACE: Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) which is a means of financing energy efficiency upgrades or renewable energy installations for residential, commercial and industrial property owners. … PACE can also be used to finance leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs).”

The two main PACE financiers are RenovateAmerica and Renew Financial.  Typically a 20 year repay, $3.6 billion was loaned last year for these renovate and tax loans.

In case you didn’t know, the ancestral motivation for PACE programs like HERO is climate change and global warming, going back to the days of Al Gore.  But, if you want to keep your home, be wary and aware that this is not easy $$ nor free money.  And the climate can go from sunny to stormy very quickly

When looking for a home for my niece and nephew in law, we found a great home in Norco that had solar.  I spent considerable hours talking to the current owners (who knew little about their two year old system) and the contractors and HERO/PACE people.

Doing due diligence is incredibly important, because it is becoming all too common for seasoned seniors who used PACE to upgrade their homes…and soon their home’s financial climate changes to gloomy.  Too many are being  forced out because they are on limited or fixed income and can’t afford the taxes for the windows or concrete upgrades.

The PACE related upgrades for my Norco clients involved solar only; and Norco is an area of high summer heat AND rising electricity costs.  The jury is still out on the decision but in this case, there is visible returns on their decision.   They have been selling energy back to the grid but again, this is no lottery: look for the devils AND angels in the details.

The problem for seniors and other owners dawns often when they see that first property tax bill.


Get at least two or three bids from contractors.  You will be amazed.

Often, the contractors have a captive audience, you!.  The cost of the improvements may be a third or twice as much as if you are paying cash.  The dirty secret is you ARE!  They get paid thru PACE and generally cashed out (except for solar; details later)

One example a local lender provided was a $70,000 price tag for maybe $30,000 worth of work: all financed thru PACE loans.  It involved concrete and drought tolerant plantings on a small lot.  When they saw their first tax bill, with a $7000 add on for clients on low income, they about died from the sticker shock

You don’t pay your taxes monthly unless through an escrow account for taxes and insurance.  Normally, you pay half each, with the two annual prop tax payments on April 10 and Dec 10.

If you don’t or stop paying, because you are choosing between taxes and tamales or other luxuries like food and gas, you get penalties.  Expensive penalties…

Note:  these are “breath on a mirror” loans.  No equity check nor debt ratio and you can borrow up to 15% (10% up to $700k home value).  Also, it is NOT deductible since it is repayment of improvements NOT property tax.

All these temptations leads to a growing problem: strapped new homeowners as well as seniors who get sticker shock in October when the tax bill comes due.  Think about it: you get behind, and the assessor will penalize you 10% for a late bill AND, to add salt to the wound, 18% per year (1.5% per month) penalties.  All for that drought tolerant lawn or windows that don’t pay you a monthly dividend like solar can.

Triple whammy: if you are forced to sell to prevent foreclosure or just because it’s time, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are out, FHA now as well. You have to pay off the outstanding debt in escrow: $50K? $70K?   You could be upside down, especially if the tax penalties are accruing, even with the positive market value increases since 2011.

Call with your questions: we can help if you are in this situation.

Kids, tell your parents NOT to do this without a family conference; seniors are targeted by cell centers, neighborhood walkers and more.  Get multiple bids and ‘buy’ only what you need.  Solar has some payback but even then, you often are paying for the power over time if leased.  You could own the equipment but pay for the “access”

Super HEROes can become a villain in a hurry.  Don’t risk your home without some serious effort to know the facts.

Committed to helping you with your real estate needs, wants and questions.

Len Beckman //Millennium 3 Real Estate

Thanksgiving for Real…

When our founders declared in 1776 the inalienable right to “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness”, this was a minor rewrite of major proportions.  “Pursuit of Happiness” was a compromise because the Southern states preferred owning some humans, ie slaves and the first rendition (Life, Liberty and Property) did not sit well.  But ownership of property, personal and real, is critical to a stable and fulfilling life.

We were blessed with 283 pounds of tomatoes this year, which we gave to our real estate clients, family and friends.  Thank you Jesus for Your bounty

But all three must work together: one cannot own property unless the other two are protected.  If you are not alive, then all is moot.  Without protected life and the freedom endemic in liberty, one’s personal safety and possessions are always subject to thievery and tyranny.  In fact, I would list them as the inalienable right to God, Life, Liberty & Property…Pursuit of Happiness resultant from the other four.

In American, the land of the free is free because it IS the home of the brave.  We must thank first our Creator God and His Son for what and whom we are.  God alone is worthy of praise and worship and He is the reason for the season of fall, winter, spring and summer.

Thank our military; the “One out of Many” e pluribus unum, for better or worse, does not colonize like other previous and existent world powers.  We did not enslave Germany after the first world war.  Nor colonize Japan.  When natural or manmade disasters strike, we are first in to help, and often last out.  Yes, we will disagree on what is important and needy, as free peoples do, but the world IS safer because of this land of hope-filled people we call US citizens; we welcome more than our share of immigrants as well. And there are no “spike strips” at the borders keeping you or me on terra firma Americana in any of the 50 states of this sovereign land.  Our charity knows no bounds though their are chinks in our armor.

Without secure property, like a home or condo as well as personal things like food, clothing and other “luxuries”, we are adrift.  Our moral compass comes from within, but it can be magnetized today too easily.

Without the ability AND desire to earn our own living, to till, plant, water and harvest (whether farming, ranching, industry, services), we wither and die.  When you own a home, you take “title” because you can’t put your dwelling in your purse or car and normally transport it with you.

But believing you and I are “entitled” to something, like food, health care, money, education, ie the fruits of OTHER PEOPLES’ LABOR,  you become less of an industrious human, looking to take the easiest route without having to work.  To stand on street corner soap boxes, or in tenure protected college classrooms, DEMANDING gimme gimme gimmee.  

Maybe, become like the sloths in Zootopia, excessively obese and lazy.  We become “layabouts” as the Register quotes Governor William Bradford regarding the Mayflower Compact.

A good first lesson in socialism versus free market capitalism was the early 1620s.  Fleeing King James I of England and religious persecution, 41 Pilgrim among many more passengers on board signed, ironically on Nov 11, 1620 a ‘contract’ called the Mayflower Compact to guide them as they arrived in the New World. 140 set out; less than 1/3 remained after the sea journey

The indians taught a method of farming called “three sisters”.  you can do this at home without batteries or PS4s. 

Following the excellent but misunderstood parts of the Acts of the Apostles, Bradford explains: “All profits and benefits that are got by trade, working, fishing or any other means were placed in a common stock.”  A storage place, with no quartermaster oversight,  from which “each member of the colony could draw whatever he or she required.” 

“Not surprising, some colonists preferred to be layabouts” to quote the Register quoting Mr Bradford.

  Later in history, these communal words became “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.  Sounds decent on paper, but they became a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. The principle refers to “free access and distribution of goods, capital and services.”  The operand being “free”.  No or too much control and lacking accountability.

Interesting concept, everyone owns everything, seeing a resurgence with Bernie on the stump and Ivy League educated economist NY House member Alex d’ Cortex: socialism.  What Gov. Bradford came to see should give us pause.  

With no incentive, layabouts is a viral disease.  The first winter was hard and the next not much better.  Some men and women would work hard, some families would not carry their load.  If everyone got whatever they wanted, why work at all? Look at the One family: in common, there is little rationality as to how to divide the labor but EVERYONE believes they are entitled to as much as they can carry out of the store harvest house.  Then, EVERYONE blames ANYONE for not doing the work, and NO ONE takes the blame for failure. And, EVERYONE starves. And like Venezuela, the shelves are a big zero.

Following the teeny 1622 harvest, Bradford: “They began to think how they might raise as much corn as they could, to obtain a better crop”.

The solution was each family was given a parcel of land to manage, the freedom to raise and do whatever they wanted, keep what was needed and trade away at will.  And to be charitable as necessary.  The Hoover institution has a good article showing how private property rights saved the depleted pilgrims.  As proven most recently in Venezuela, as well as Cuba, the Eastern Bloc and so many other Marxian enclaves, socialism sucks as soon as you run out of other people’s money.  Words of Margaret Thatcher.

From Hoover:  “Having tried what Bradford called the “common course and condition”—the communal stewardship of the land demanded of them by their investors—Bradford reports that the community was afflicted by an unwillingness to work, by confusion and discontent, by a loss of mutual respect, and by a prevailing sense of slavery and injustice. And this among “godly and sober men.” In short, the experiment was a failure that was endangering the health of the colony.”

BThankful for all you blessings. There is nothing more true than this:  there is NO trailer hitch on the hearse, no UHaul trailer pulled as you head to the cemetery for your internment.  After a lifetime, whether billions or crumbs, your fate on earth is the same: six feet under or an urn of your ashes.

Which brings us to conclude, the first and truest inalienable right offered in the middle of eternity is the gift of: God.  He has offered for our thanksgiving tables His Son Jesus that we might live forever.  And beyond.

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is Good, his mercy endures forever.

Gov. Bradford’s first Thanksgiving proclamation, for Nov 29th, 1623:

“Inasmuch as the great Father has given us this year an abundant harvest of Indian corn, wheat, peas, beans, squashes, and garden vegetables, and has made the forests to abound with game and the sea with fish and clams, and inasmuch as He has protected us from the ravages of the savages, has spared us from pestilence and disease, has granted us freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience.

Now I, your magistrate, do proclaim that all ye Pilgrims, with your wives and ye little ones, do gather at ye meeting house, on ye hill, between the hours of 9 and 12 in the daytime, on Thursday, November 29th, of the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and twenty three and the third year since ye Pilgrims landed on ye Pilgrim Rock, there to listen to ye pastor and render thanksgiving to ye Almighty God for all His blessings.”

William Bradford
Ye Governor of Ye Colony 

Celebrate with your family, of course.  Help the truly needy.  But it is time for us to look at what has become of our universities and their incessant indoctrination with foolish ideologies.  The trend in society to expect EVERYTHING and EVERYONE to get EVERYTHING for free.  As freedoms in Plymouth proved out, free market capitalism is not evil: but the belief everything belongs to all of us especially to me, the entitled, is a socialistic sickness proven each and every time. The top socialists, whether Lenin, Stalin, Chavez, Castro, Bernie, etc. always practiced the golden rule: he who has the gold rules.

Hugo Chavez’ billions now in his daughter’s Swiss bank hands, and the millions of those he victimized by doing what Bradford didn’t: nationalizing and stealing personal property, squandering the oil-rich country’s resources leaving little food and thus greed needs amid scarce toilet paper, empty shelves proving just how well socialism works.  Just don’t ask most college kids in their 7th year on campus what the word “work” and initiative mean. Too many value the communists and don’t learn or are taught true American and other countries’ histories.  Socialist Alexandria discusses the three branches, house senate and presidency of American governance…point given and hopefully taken to heart.

God has given each of us the innate ability to respond ie responsibility to work hard and smart for a greater life for our families.  And others too.

The Renaissance of Truth, Life and Love is coming.  Let’s work to that end in the most blessed and generous country on earth.  No matter what the ankle biters complain about, and carry on the much needed reform of academia and other parts of the educational realm.  A reform of the ABCNNBCBS and media that battles truth in their own self-interest.  And a return to facts, truth and knowledge, untainted by lies and purposeful, disinformational fallacies.  America is great because it’s people are good.  We will cease to be both if we don’t take care of business.

Happy thanksgiving to all

DBM Environmental Research U. Fall information

Its still a month until winter, 40 days to Christmas and a great time to get ready for next year’s planting.

283 pounds of tomatoes this year.   It was a decent year for zucchinis and tomatoes.  It’s our pleasure to give the tomatoes to real estate clients, friends, neighbors and family.  But just important is celebrating those who stepped into the great unknown and gardened from “starters”, seedlings the Beckman “ranch”  begin in January to give to the pioneers of planting…home school, private and public school families who like to get their hands dirty and eat the fruit of God’s green earth.

PVC irrigators!  

Recommend to cut the long lengths of your PVC watering grid in your garden and toss on the roof or store where convenient.  After you take them out (you can leave the hose bib hookup and the cross T’s assembly in place), take out any pavers or comp roof tiles you may have used for weed mitigation and then get the dead tomato plants and weeds out.  

“What seedlings do you want next year? Your requests are important.  tomatoes, zucchini are a given.  What else?”

Rototill if you have a rototiller; my Zach uses straw to lay over until we are ready to do next season’s winter’s end planting.  BTW, Mr. Bee Catcher, he just rescued another bee hive (about 4 years old and about 60,000 bees) from a neighbor and has two active bee colonies going.  Commercial beekeepers charge waaaay too much.  Call if you have a bee hive started after you see a swarm and don’t want it .   We will have a bee show and tell presentation next year for the coops.

Prepping for next year.  If you want, rototill or  turn over the soil and remove the weeds.  Rain is coming Thanksgiving week or in December; once new weeds grow, you can dig those out as well.  I will be doing a short class on how to set up your PVC grid for 2019 (wow, 2019 already), early in January on a Thursday for the Inland Empire Coop and repeat it on a Monday for the Anaheim/Fullerton Coop.

There are two countries: the real America and the fighting political class including the far left who love power but hate the truth.  The more our kids see the blessings God has in store for them and the more they get their hands dirty and see where food actually comes from, the better the chance they will honor God and give Him credit for the blessings.

Serious scientists believe the 2020s will bring a real cooling trend.  In the meantime, as I have for a decade, I will ask the same question:
“Take an air sample in your home or office, and count.  Lets say, the sample turns out to have 2500 air molecules.  What’s your guess, how many of the 2500 are carbon dioxide?   If you believe man is destroying the earth, that it is melting and polar bears dying off, the seas rising because of man, the number will surprise you.

The answers I get usually are like 20%, 400,800, 1000 out of the 2500.

Photosynthesis, not pollution, is the scientific term for God FEEDING the WORLD. Puny man does NOT change the climate; the one way we could is via nuclear annihilation which would make for a very lousy day.

Kids and families learn God’s benevolence and His Chief Scientist status when they till the soil, clear the rocks and weeds, plant the seeds (or Beckman ranch starters), water and harvest.  If ANY of these steps is skipped, nothing happens.

By the way, at the top of the post is a vase full of 2500 blue marbles, representing the 2500 air molecule air sample.

Like there is only ONE God, in that air sample of nitrogen, oxygen and argo, the majority air borne gases, is one small trace molecule of CO2.  And for that miracle molecule that keeps us alive, we listen to pseudoscientists and prostiticians pontificate how man is destroying God’s 553 sextillion mile wide universe…one planet at a time.  Time for the Renaissance of Truth, Life & Love to continue.

Call 714 267 1413 with your real estate needs and planting questions.  You are family and clients for life.  Ready to help.  Yes, the chickens are still at it.   

~~  Len Beckman Research Director at the Beckman “Ranch”, the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research University.    And broker for Millennium 3 Real Estate.  We still make house calls AND dig holes in gardens.



282 pounds, one of the last red fruit harvested.  Mr. T Turkey is looking a little leery as we
move to Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving for “Give Thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD, His Mercy endures forever”

Sex was not designed to kill

God had all of eternity past to decide how He would design His 553 sextillion mile wide universe.

Donna and Mary, Chris and BrianThis woman gave her all for the world; she is a saint who gave eleven precious babies life.

I feed these kids by helping people sell and buy their homes, but as an amateur environmental scientist, I am amazed by the enormity of the macro, the universe, and equally, the infinitely incredible beauty & complexity of the micro, the world of life.

God created trillions of insects, billions of stars, planets, plants and animals throughout the known expanse.  All of this on His earth, His beloved planet placed #3 (symbolic of three persons in the one Godhead) from the sun.

But the beings He wants to share all of eternity future?  He only made two in the beginning.  One man.  One woman.  If you follow the Genesis of man, the science book of carbon-based organics, God made man first.  His last act of general creation, was His best design, His most incredible was woman.   Only woman can take a single cell and over 280 days, produce a virtual copy of two humans, 75 trillion cells in an entity we call “baby”.

You need not be Catholic to marvel at the “Theology of the Body”.  God knew, by designing fully autonomous, free willed beings, He would have to engineer processes within them to guarantee He didn’t need to create them as plentiful as the insects.

It worked well, getting us to nine billion humans.  The process most oft mentioned is sex.  It goes by various phrases like “making love”, “having sex”, “getting it on” and some more vulgar and demeaning.

Those engineered processes help the male to provide his blueprint, via sperm shared inside the woman, which joins with her blueprint, to yield a combined sperm&egg that must be nurtured and protected for 9 months.  A little clinical, but summarily:

Sex was not designed to kill.  But to create life.

Sex is a precious tool; it is also used, when weaponized, to destroy.  Bret Kavanaugh, for example, remained a virgin “through high school and years after…”, spoken in his own words.  When the “right to kill kids” seemed threatened, all of hell’s soldiers have marched forward.  Showing just how powerful unbridled sex is, the accusers have come forward.

Dr Christine Blasey Ford, to whom two men now claim they did their worst, has resurrected memories of sexual sin abuse.  She was coerced by the female attorney, at Lot’s gate, to send a July anonymous letter then outed on cue when defrocked DiFi needed voter points to beat DeLeon Nov. 6th. And her attorney, a radical Resistor, violated her client’s desires for “the greater good” of assassinating a good man headed for SCOTUS.   Ford needs our prayers and she needs further couples’ help to work through the abuse she experienced.  But it wasn’t Coach K, a good Catholic family man who survived high school as a virgin.  Much to planned parenthood and Kamala Harris’ chagrin, who practiced pubic service at age 29 on a 60 year old husband.  Committing adultery was not in God’s original design, Mrs. Emhoff; the man you married Aug 22, 2014 is your husband, not Blanche’s, Slick Willie.  Should Douglas find another lady to spread his sperm and joy with, like you did with Mr. Brown?

Sex was designed for marriage, a covenant bonding between a man and woman.  The chemical, bio-physical processes built into the design of both genders are intensely powerful and for safekeeping MUST remain inside the hedges of a Godly marriage.

God did NOT design using the reproductive delivery system, the penis and vagina (today, no one can guarantee which gender has which), for anything other than His designed means to populate the world.  Homosexuality, which translates “man-sex”, is NOT sex.  When men involve themselves with pleasuring each other, this is just that: Non-reproductive pleasure.  Side benefit, which planned parenthood calls ‘comprehensive sex education” is teen boys getting intestinal parasites when licking the anus’ of other boys.

It is ‘non-reproductive” because even this environmental life scientist knows no babies result when a man inserts his penis into another man’s anus.  Hard truth, yes.  But true, so it is not sex.  But private part manipulation for pleasure.

Think untrue?  Google the teen websites of PP, where teens are groomed to use “consensual” whips, chains, sado-masochism to increase their pleasure while banging each other in the name of freedom.  ALL manners of perversion are paid for with $500 million in our tax $$.  For the evil empire of sex perps.

God was specific in how He wanted the power of sex to be used.  He even A-mailed us (angel not e) us a few millennia ago.  Check the historic record:


Lot faced the Aggressive Left of Ancient Times

ESV, paraphrased:  “The two angels came to San Francisco Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate (of Sodom). When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them and bowed himself with his face to the earth and said, “My lords, please turn aside to your servant’s house and spend the night and wash your feet. Then you may rise up early and go on your way.” They said, “No; we will spend the night in the town square.” But he pressed them strongly; so they turned aside to him and entered his house. And he made them a feast and baked unleavened bread, and they ate.

4 But before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both young and old, all the people to the last man, surrounded the house.5 And they called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, that we may know them.” Lot went out to the men at the entrance, shut the door after him, and said, “I beg you, my brothers, do not act so wickedly. 8 Behold, I have two daughters who have not known any man. Let me bring them out to you, and do to them as you please. Only do nothing to these men, for they have come under the shelter of my roof.” But they said, “Stand back!” And they said, “This fellow came to sojourn, and he has become the judge! Now we will deal worse with you than with them.” Then they pressed hard against the man Lot, and drew near to break the door down. 10 But the men reached out their hands and brought Lot into the house with them and shut the door. 11 And they struck with blindness the men who were at the entrance of the house, both small and great, so that they wore themselves out groping for the door.”

Genesis 19 continues the story, but simply put, sex is powerful, as a tool for life and a weapon that leads to misery and death.  Lot even offered his two daughters to the San Franciscans err Sodom dwellers, to protect the two “men”.  As it turned out, the men were just delivering God’s mail as angels.  He blinded the men through His angels.

Note: young and small.  The adults had already groomed the adolescent males to embrace homosexuality.  Their aberrant sex drives was sooo powerful, that even when BLIND! they still desired to ream the two visiting angels disguised as men. Their animalistic out of control lust to rape unwilling men is not the good virginal Catholic Kavanaugh but the Dems demonic poison.  The puppet Kamala, lusting for $82,000 instead of a bag of quarters, forced her into prostiticianhood.  Defending hell’s worst is not what junior Senators should be about.

Of course, it’s not popular in this ‘tolerant’ culture to pull out this or St Paul’s mention of homosexuality. ALL sexual sin is wrong, including an unmarried man like me making contact with a woman in the way God reserved for marriage.

I quote this piece clinically, to show that the biophysical emotional aspect of sex is immensely powerful, that leads people to do irrational things. Like assaulting two good men blind in Lot’s time or assaulting one good man in the Senate hearing room.

Sex was created, not to abuse others in every way seemly and unseemly, but to populate the world, an effort God left to humans to do.  But, let no good deed go unpunished.

On Sept 27th, sex was used to try and kill a good man named Kavanaugh, weaponized to protect reproductive rights of women.  Except, the term “reproductive” is not a human entity, but one of the body’s ten systems.  Like stealing Fred Flinstone’s theme, “we’ll have a gay old time” or God’s symbol of hydraulic destruction, the rainbow, evil just hates God’s design.  The Left hates all things God: the only two created genders, man & woman; the gift of carbon dioxide that keeps us alive; the fossil fuels that warm us and keep us moving.  True covenant marriage via easy out divorce.  planned barrenhoodlum instigative adolescence killing, introducing young kids to bondage and extra-marital sex.

The Left just hates all things decent and good:  all things God

If and when the gate crashers wake up and smell the truth, maybe they will complete the sentences, such as:

They repeat and repeat ‘A woman’s right to choose’  This is really ‘a mom’s right to have her baby killed inside her by satan’s surgeons”

Not all high school teens grope and rape girls in the locker-room, with or without their ‘permission’. At all boys Catholic prep schools like Georgetown or Servite.  Or public.

Adolescents, minors CANNOT give permission for adult sex.  It is illegal.

No, nine billion humans are NOT alive today, but nine two billion, 2,000,000,000 have died because the abortion industry loves playing God.  Just since 1973.

Sex is powerful.

When misused, violently, it can be deadly.  Women who are sexually abused and raped need prayers and help; same goes for men raped by other men, women by other women and men raped by women.   Sex is the fifth force and the first force in nature, in the universe.  Probably, before the weak atomic force, gravity etc., the power of sex reigns supreme.  Without it, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Sex is deadly AND creative. Dr. Christine Balsey Ford gave powerful, emotional testimony on my daughter’s birthday, one of my 11.  So did Kavanaugh.

There is no forensic or secret camera tapes of the events Dr Ford claims; sometimes repressed memories are real.  Sometimes not.  Only God, Dr Ford and Judge Kavanaugh know what really happened.  Many of us believe she has been abused by men unknown; though two decently stepped forward to claim the role of her abuser.

But the decent people, the witnesses weigh in for Coach K

Sex is used by men to overpower women.  By women, to entice and control the environment of men; and so many other situations.  Women need to be protected even when they don’t desire same.  Like nitroglycerine, sex can be unstable and explosive when not properly used.  On occasion I have failed women; sexual sin has been in my life, though I strive to not fall into that snake pit today.

But, most importantly, it is used to keep the world alive.  Between a husband and wife (Donna and I have 11 kids, for example) it keeps the world going, DESPITE satan’s surgeons killing off 1/3 of God’s children before daylight.

In the hands of immoral, unprincipled prostiticians like DiFi and Kamala Harri$, it is deadly.  Sadly, the party of 1854, the party of slavery, secession, segregation, auntieSemitism; is also the party of sectioning babies into resalable organs after satan’s surgeons cut them out of their mothers.  Believe it or not, the devil hates God worse than the Resistance hates Trump.

Note to the wise: sex training does NOT belong in the schools, public or private.  It must be taught simultaneously with God’s directive as to where it belongs: within marriage.  The world will not end if parents take on the role they have always owned: training their children about reproduction, good relationships, finding the best match.

The Agressive Leftists cry: “teens need us to teach them”.  Hardly.  If you want a world ending event, zero or terribly low replacement rates, you ALREADY have it, on a tainted platter, from the gospel of NO conception.  Japan and Italy, two examples, PAY their women to become mothers so they might exist into the 21st century.

Sex training belongs where it has always belonged:  At home by the parents who care for their children, who are the stewards of the next generation.

Planned Parenthood is an evil and corrupt organization, that grooms our children to early sexual involvement and provides the means to kill off the results.  For a price.

$300 is the usual tag tied to the big toe of each pre-birth child being killed for parts.  This is the evil end of sex OUTSIDE of God’s covenant plan.  Mr. Facebook and his wife, Priscilla recently donated 3.22 million baby kills to PP Silicon Valley; this too must end.  How insane is that: a company founder killing off future FB customers by the millions.

My testimony is simple:  in the early 1980s, when I was selling power supplies to the Silicon Valley’s Acuson, a pioneer in computed ultrasonography, I could see the quantum leap from “blob of tissue” to a physically visible human child was happening.

Unfortunately, medical schools have not kept up with technology.  Why?  An abortionist today must consult with a six year old to read an ultrasound; they are so blinded, like the men of Lot’s city, to the truth and gravity of the evil they are foisting on vulnerable mothers.  Babies are not commodities but the means of joy for the family, and the continuance of God’s favored beings on His earth.  He feeds us through carbon dioxide mixed with water and sunlight.  He warms us with that same sunlight, converting 700 million tons of hydrogen per second to keep us warm, let alone alive.  Photosynthesis, like human reproduction, are miracle processes that show His immense, infinite capabilities.

I will not join the chorus demonizing Dr Ford but pray for her and her family and hope she continues marriage counseling to work through what she is experiencing.  I also pray for Judge Kavanaugh and his family.  There are no winners when sexual sin is involved, true or not.  For sex is sooo powerful, even the mere mention of it can destroy lives.  Only God can provide the video tape of what did and did not happen.

Yale has provided support for Dr. Ford; ironically, in the same public record (via FOIA), YaleMed has paid $715 for the severed head of a child aborted.

Sadly, the Left has a vested interest in killing kids. Until they realize the evil is in fact, evil, little can be done to cure them.  Or help the Left to become adults.

Sexual sin will not vanish from the earth before humanity does, which is controlled by when Jesus returns to begin eternity anew for all living and dead.  If you follow Christ, you would work hard to help keep sex where it belongs: inside a covenant marriage.  If you don’t, that is your choice, but please understand YOU have an eternal soul that will exist somewhere for eternity.  I’d go with heaven as the place of choice.

Choose to think like an adult.  The phrase “A woman’s right to choose..” is like virtue signalling, a dog whistle of allegiance to killing kids. Undeniably, when a girl or woman becomes pregnant, their lives are changed for nine months AND forever.

If inside a loving marriage, this should bring joy.  Donna and I experienced this joy 11 times; but she was the heavy lifter, being pregnant for 110 months of her life.

But, to choose to kill a mother’s daughter helps no one, but the profiteers protected by the Kamalas of the world.  Undeniably, post abortion, moms experience dysfunctional relationships, emotional trauma and very real physical side effects.  NAF, which donated $82,000 to Kamala’s campaign experience salads and wine, fattened bank accounts and the physical euphoria of driving a Lamborghini at 100 in 2nd gear.

There are no winners when sex is misused, outside of marriage.  It was designed by the Eternal Godhead to create life when God said “Let us make man in our image”.  He saved the best for last, in making woman His finest and most beautiful organic work of art.

Sex was not designed to kill, but give life.

Within marriage.  Stealing adolescence from kids in public school is criminal; forcing 11 year olds to learn sado-masochism is a terrible thing to do to a young mind.  Adults can do whatever they want to each other, pleasure each other their way.  Just don’t say God didn’t tell you the way He designed you.  He has known you, from all eternity, and has a plan for your life.  If only you would believe Him.








Kamala Resigns because of her sexual predation elder abuse of a married mayor

Imagine, in a world of honorable people, men and women, politicians instead of prostiticians, one doing the right thing.  Sexual predation by man on woman, woman on man, man on man and woman on woman, is evil and wrong. Victims need to be treated carefully, even delaying a SCOTUS confirmation already waaaay too long.  Yes they do, but…

Michelle Malkin reminds us to believe the evidence and seek truth.   Ever hear of Potifer’s wife, Kamala?  and what she did to Willie the Mayor?  Joseph was vindicated in Biblical times.  No one knows Potifer’s wife’s real name today.

Real Clear Politics had these words from Kamala Harris on the “she said he said controversy” between Dr. BFord and Coach Kavanaugh

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS: I think it’s going to be about, it comes down to credibility…and it’s going to about listening to what each party has to say, but I believe her…

Anybody who comes forward at this point to be prepared to testify in the United States Senate against someone who’s being nominated to one of the most powerful positions in the United States government, that takes an extraordinary amount of courage.

My concern is, and she knows this, she is putting herself out there, knowing they’re going to try to excoriate her and she’s doing it because she knows this is an important matter, it’s a serious matter who serves on that court and she has the courage to come forward, she has nothing to gain.

Harris asks who Brett Kavanaugh really is?
HARRIS: I want to know about this guy’s background and the American public wants to know, are we about to put someone on the United States Supreme Court who committed a sexual assault? The American public deserves to know the character of someone who will serve for his entire life on the highest court in our country.
I believe that the FBI should be compelled to do its job in terms of completing their background investigation and that’s not being done.  (Hat tip Real Clear Politics

Newly wedded Kamala Harris, AKA Mrs. Emhoff, maybe it’s time for arbor cataract surgery; the log in Kamala’s eye has got to be blinding her by now.

For the record, only Kavanaugh and Dr Blasey Ford know what happened, or should know, WHENEVER or WHEREVER it happened. Whichever year. In whomever’s mother’s bed.  In whichever Chevy Chase home while the parents were away.  With kegs and compliant teens practicing safe sex like they were taught well in Sexual Dominatrix Comprehensive Health Indoctrination class.  Back then?  Maybe not.  Today?  Absolutely.

IF it happened. Coach Kava says he wasn’t there, she claims he was.

The two witnesses Dr. BF pointed out, say it didn’t happened.  She might have been groped, but if she was juiced like the rest of the rich girls/rich boys hypersexualized party hearties, she’d have no clue who it was who clumsily grabbed her breasts on her schoolmate mom’s bed, which Bruan Whut,man? repeated more often this week than he said the AM870 call sign;  while the parents were away doing rich people things.

Amazing how quick the nanny FaceBaiters scrubbed those ’82-’84 yearbooks. Can’t have the truth out there before the investigation begins.  And DiFi had the investigators back in July she could have dispatched.  But, we all know, the strategy was to use this sad woman, with amnesia, as the fall girl as we move into Fall, 2018

FBI Investigation underway:

  “Thank you, Maryland.  We are looking for witnesses to sexual assault that Kavanaugh practiced on Dr BFord over this three year period, somewhere in this town, with students from a few rich kid private schools, when mom was away, in mom or dad’s room, with the kegs flowing downstairs as they skipped 6th period.  It was only 35 years ago and we know it definitely happened because a woman said it did, even though we have 60 character assurers, all female, who say the accussee was not “that kind of guy”

Let me help.  There are no secrets, nothing is erased forever, even Ma Clinton’s emails.  Here are the redacted (reminds me of the FISA warrants the Democrat FBIDoJ are snail walking to daylight so we American taxpayers can see what our money buys: corruption of course.  But, just HOW MUCH corruption.) yearbook pages from some uppity all girls hottie to trottie high school.  Cut to the party scenes:

dr ford yearbook pages iii

Yearbooks often tell a “Tale of Two School Cultures”  Where the hell are the parents?

Harri$ asks “Who is Brett K?”  Well, if she had interviewed him in her Senatorial office, instead of telling him to go to hell, she’d probably have a better idea he may not be “One of those kind of guys”.  Or read, instead of Me Tooing “I believe Dr BFrod” like the little lap puppy she has become, she might realize just maybe he is a clean guy after SIX FBI prostological exams.  Note that Dr BFrod still has no FBI exam nor, it seems, any truth about her high school days.

Harri$, the bought and paid for prostitician of the MeAbortion2 movement, could have read the letter signed by 60 something (same number of years as her pubic serviceman) women, including some contemporary to DrBF’s allegations who were dating him those unspecified years, it could be an indication Coach K wasn’t one of the party boys who played with the compliant beer binging boy toys.  Sex is sacred, reserved for marriage, except when used as the sex toy of the Regressive Left anarchists who protect kid killing like it was their own child…hmm.

Kamala said Dr.BF it is serious and “has nothing to gain”.  Serious it is, for both people, because due to Feather Pillow Syndrome, an allegation that is true or untrue can destroy a life, a family, a job, a career. Forever.  If it’s true, than different levels of “He deserved it” or “she got her due” sets in and Kavanaugh gets his ‘come uppance’.  If a fraud or mistaken identity, Dr BFrod gets rich and K’s life is in shambles.  DiFi, who loves those 20 year trysts with Chinese spy drivers, so she can casually pass on state secrets to the people that hire her husband post-Mao, is an ass.  An old ass, but an ass.  She cared more about her damn waning career than the live of an accuser, her accused and you know the United States of America.  She should be censored just before Harri$ resigns or is impeached for her sex crimes, risking the life of an old guy who wasn’t getting enough at home so he had to go to the office with a future prostitician.  Moral$ and all.

But, worry not about the mysterious research professor; this is a career enhancement.

Dr.BF will become the next pubic Coke can millionaire, book deals, movie deals; that’s not a bad reward IF she was not fondled by Coach K.   Or well deserve restitution if he did it.

But, just suppose, he wasn’t there.  He wasn’t trying to find the developing breasts of a 15 year old party girl in the missionary position?

If she was a patsy or a plant, her anonymity gone, now coached by the most virulent Regressive Leftists in the ghoulish Soros stable of prostiticians, Dr BF is being tooled, used to protect that famous politicially protected surgery known as Abortion.

After all, IT”S all about ABORTION.

DrBF claims it happened 35 years ago?  2 guys not 4 guys like her therapist recorded. Is it just men who can be found guilty by accusation?   Or are women able to be guilty too?

Victims can have foggy memories too, as well as opportunists.    Some of us, though we sin too, believe woman MUST be respected EVEN if they don’t deserve it. They are the last act of general creation, the most complex infinitely intricate work of Godly art, that can take a single cell and over 280 days yield a fully functioning 75 trillion celled human.

UNLESS hacked out by the DemoncraParty division from hell: NAF Planned Barrenhood.  Maybe, ONCE WE SEE THE ANONYMOUS LETTER that that ass DiFi is still hiding, maybe the real investigation of HER and her allegations can commence.

Speaking of nothing to gain, 9 years after the K on K “incident”, a 29 year old future ½ term AG and ½ term CalSenator, was a classic #SheToo.  If #SheToo ever became as fashionable to our wise Harveywoodian know it alls.

Kamala is the pure as the power driven left of left snow Kamala; but since she’s black, democrat and a woman, no one can investigate or question her motives.  Unless you are the NYSlimes or another Dem.  She has that No Feather Pillow Syndrome Free card.

Otherwise, like a master manipulator magician, the racist card comes out from the Dem Playing Cards, all 52 with a black or red “You Racist, you!” emblazoned in the middle of each. Skillfully, frisbee tossed at whomever they want, expecting a racist genuflect to the idiocy of unscientific anthropology.  Folks, there’s only one race.  Not a two or twelve.

Problem is, the Dems and the whimpy Reps don’t know science.  There is only ONE first couple, not 12; there is ONE human race, made up of a rich panoply of colors, textures, countries and cultures.  No black First Couple.  No, Amerasian First Couple.  No French or Mexican.  Just Adam and Eve.  So, it’s silly to call it “racism”.

Sexual predation happens both ways, but the cultural instinct is when man does it on woman, he is an evil demon.  He’s an asshole pervert, yes.  But what about senatorettes?

We don’t know all the details, but Kamala’s first pubic service was breaking a public oath, via the penis of Slick Willie Brown, who was age 60 at the time.  She was, before she became Mrs. Emhoff 5 years ago, a sexual predator looking to convert her pubic service to public welfare: a govmint job.  Do ya think Slick Willie Brown’s wife was in the room, trying to pull Coach K err Slick off of Kamala’s naked sweaty 29 year old body?  Probably not.

But, Mrs.Blanche Brown wasn’t happy; Kamala forced Blanche’s Willy Nilly hubby into elder abuse, causing him to break his marriage vow for the future 2020 Candidate for President.  And the risk?  Suppose Slick died during intercourse?  Blanche Brown is still married to him, though separated, today, proving the other woman doesn’t always get the gander.  And thread obsessive four times a day clothing changing Brown, yes, could have died on top of Kamala and never appointed her in 1994 to a California state board, her entry point to public welfare “service”.  Where would we be if a naked Slick died during coitus (I think that means marital sex outside of marriage sometime)?  Where would the accuser’s defender Harri$ be?  Your guess.

I won’t say ‘what’s good for the goose” since geese don’t have penises unless they are dr ford yearbook 4transFowled, but gander on this:  If you are siding with an accuser who may or may not have been groped at age 15, what about a 29 year old opportunistic man killer hussy 24 years ago doing elder abuse that could have killed the former mayor and influence peddler.


For the record, I am not a saint and have touched the breast of someone who is not my wife, for whom I have asked forgiveness years ago, but I am not falsely accusing a Godly clean-living husband and father, with a track record of treating all women with respect, including women INSIDE the womb, something that Kamala hypocritically prefers dead 1/3 the time.  After all, it’s ALL About Abortion.  They know it, we know it.

dr ford yearbook 7Maybe the FBI can find out which type of beer filled those kegs of the sweet innocent high schoolers back in Chevy Chaseland.  The distributor would probably like them back after 35 years.

Our part time AG should know better.  As the half time senator approaches her 2020 run, I agree with her words:  “The American public deserves to know the character of someone who will serve…”  Even presidential hopefuls who only serve half time terms before moving up the ladder.

This junior senatorial character hates cars and living babies, loves planned parenthood and the $82,000 donation from the baby parts processing people at NAF industries; and my goodness, is she loyal.  While half time AG, Kamala quid pro quo-ed the money her pimps gave her to buy the senate seat, by invading with her 11 armed goons, investigative reporter whistle blower David Daleiden’s private residence.

She still hasn’t apologize for raping David’s domicile with foreign objects, those AR-15


We all know:it’s all about protecting Abortion for Dems

carrying investigative thugs she used to proof a point and get her prostitician brownie points (she already had Brown’s pointy object on her notched gun belt) from the satanic center for baby sectionalization and resale.  Just how evil is it to kill a kid?  Not much to the Demoncrats

Similarly, she might claim Dr. Blasey Frod err Ford didn’t give permission in the private bedroom in the private residence to whomever was on top of her, in her drunken or sober state.  But, Kamala never got permission from the elder mayor’s wife, abusing another woman no different than the women Kamala abuses day in day out.  61 million dead American kids, half at least female.  2 billion worldwide, just since 1973.   She is the ultimate human trafficking cop, helping eliminate 9 times as many black babies as non-blacks.  Maybe aa margaret sanger and colored ministershe should receive the Maggie Sanger black minister award for Excellence that PP’s founder talks about in the meme above.  Yes, Sanger preferred blacks dead not serving in the US Senate.

Kamala is no different than the rest of the Democrat party of slavery, secession, segregation, auntieSemitism and sectioning up baby hearts and hair follicles after assault knives are shoved up the vaginas of battered groomed mothers seeking living human slaves to kill, draw and quarter.  Wow, what a mouthful.  Kamala, you gotta do what you gotta do.  But Hypocrisy does not wear well on your merit badge banner that includes human trafficking and women’s right to choose to kill her flesh and blood.  I know, the Dems love to abbreviate, obfuscate, delay and lie like a rug.  some Reps too, but Dems like Harri$, her fellow teflon abuser  Keith Elli$on, Ma Clinton, Crooked Dick Bill and others, just know how to create a different country to rule us serf middle class Americans.

Little strong language?  You tell me.

Pparenthood hypersexualizes a whole generation of teens on how to lick the anus of other teens (called Rimming) and doing sado masochistic bondage and whips with teens (and adults?) as long as they get “consent”.  Odd word, consent.  Minors CANNOT get consent to have sex with OTHER minors OR majors, some of whom are adults.  Check the law, Kamala & Krew.


She, the senator not the acusser, is a classless sad case who could have been a great example of womanhood to girls and leader of our dying state of Taxifornia;.  Her basic political campaign statement is beloved of the DemoncraParty apparatus and Regressive Left leadership; I know, that’s redundant.


“I prefer hacked up black babies extracted from mother wombs sold in parts, instead of fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth sold in 6000 different products.  I believe DrBF because she is a woman who can unseat Coach K, no matter WHAT happened, when, where, what time and with whom.  I am Kamalalalal Harri$, aka Mrs. Emhoff 5 years married, and I approve this message”.


Its time to Impeach not 45, but a sitting senator whose sexual predation disqualifies her from a moral run in the Senate, let alone  President.  She has a husband, after all, and should tell him she bedded down another woman’s wife and believes a woman’s right to choose to kill (funny how the Dems plank this but never complete the sentence of death) her very own flesh and blood…the only and real focus of the Dem circus over SCOTUS and the current not so silent and outed coup to remove Trump.


Kamala’s predation is real and only goes back 24 years when she was 29.  Allegations against Kavanaugh go back to an unidentified time/space when he was 17, that he denies.   Fair question:  “Why were the 82-84 rich girl party hearty blackout binge beer guzzling yearbooks scrubbed from the internet?  Oops, someone cached them first.”  Slime and sleaze.  Investigate Dr Frod as well as Kavanaugh; let the truth be supreme.  Meanwhile, if she had an ounce of integrity in her body:


Kamala, be a woman of character and resign today.  Recognize you only got consent from ONE member of the Brown marriage which means you stole a husband for your childish horny needs…oh and to get your first pubic servanthood job.

Two become one in marriage and adultery IS a terrible thing to do.  God IS watching and He is a bit more powerful than your lust for more power and $$.  And, you might think killing kids is a woman’s sport, He certainly disagrees with the half time junior senator ’20 prez candidate.

Sadly, we have NO Senators in California worthy of office.  DiFi and sexperp KamalaLA Harri$ lack any semblance of honor, integrity and fair dealing.  But they LOVE practicing feather pillowing.

After all, it’s all about abortion.  You know it, we all know it.  If you don’t mind slicing up a baby and killing it for parts, then what’s one more white male SCOTUS nominee?  His character assassination, like Impeach45 Maxibillion Waterlogged nuts avow, is just one more battle in the War for Satan and Baby Killing the Weaponized tools of choice.

Ms Eggman, now you know why people homeschool and filled your broken air conditioned Capitol offices last summer to ask you to stop harrassing and oppressing them.  And once the truth is out about BOTH actors, Coach K and Dr BFrod, in this protracted drama, maybe we can get on with governance and continuing the successful economic run that the 3rd termer Obama screwed up so well.  ExprezzObama will go down as one of the worst 3 term presidents in US history.  As he controls his minions from the ValJarrett mansion into 2020.  Journalism is dead, DC more corrupt than a town wide septic tank and cesspool, but it IS a great day to be alive!  America is doing fine; its the AmeriKan ObamaNation that needs serious reset.


Happy Birthday, Mary! TY! Most excellent fruit of redemptio

our-lady-of-guadalupe-star-chart-210x300-2Great news!  9 months ago, Mary was conceived without sin on December 8th; she defied the odds and due to Joachim and Anne defying reproductive rights demons assaulting them, she entered daylight on Sept 8th.   Only about 2/3rds of our children survive today, because medical science has regressed in which preinfant mortality is pandemic…but in Mary’s time, before massive techno advance, much more children came into the world.

Since a gentleman never asks a lady her age, about two millennium ago, is as far as I will go in the reveal.

Sometime in her teen years, Mary, the daughter of Anne and Joachim Joachimoffspring, she was given the rare opportunity to mother God.

I understand God’s representative told her:  “Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you” which is one of the three most common Catholic prayers.  So, I checked out the historical documents:

Luke 1:26-35 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

26 In the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a town of Galilee called Nazareth, 27 to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph, of the house of David, and the virgin’s name was Mary. 28 And coming to her, he said, “Hail, favored one! The Lord is with you.” 29 But she was greatly troubled at what was said and pondered what sort of greeting this might be. 30 Then the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. 31 Behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name him Jesus. 32 He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High,[a] and the Lord God will give him the throne of David his father, 33 and he will rule over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.” 34 But Mary said to the angel, “How can this be, since I have no relations with a man?”[b] 35 And the angel said to her in reply, “The holy Spirit will come upon you, and abortionist prayer collette plannedthe power of the Most High will overshadow you. Therefore the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God.

Don’t just believe me, check out the experts…


The early Church fathers had this to say (hat tip Catholic Answers)

The key to understanding all these graces is Mary’s role as the New Eve, which the Fathers proclaimed so forcefully. Because she is the New Eve, she, like the New Adam, was born immaculate, just as the First Adam and Eve were created immaculate. Because she is the New Eve, she is mother of the New Humanity (Christians), just as the first Eve was the mother of humanity. And, because she is the New Eve, she shares the fate of the New Adam. Whereas the First Adam and Eve died and went to dust, the New Adam and Eve were lifted up physically into heaven. 

Of particular interest in the following quotations from the Fathers are those that speak of Mary’s immaculate nature. We will all one day be rendered immaculate (sinless), but Mary, as the prototypical Christian, received this grace early. God granted her freedom from sin to make her a fitting mother for his Son.

Even before the terms “original sin” and “immaculate conception” had been defined, early passages imply the doctrines. Many works mention that Mary gave birth to Jesus without pain. But pain in childbearing is part of the penalty of original sin (Gen. 3:16). Thus, Mary could not have been under that penalty. By God’s grace, she was immaculate in anticipation of her Son’s redemptive death on the cross. The Church therefore describes Mary as “the most excellent fruit of redemption” (CCC 508).

The Ascension of Isaiah

“[T]he report concerning the child was noised abroad in Bethlehem. Some said, ‘The Virgin Mary has given birth before she was married two months.’ And many said, ‘She has not given birth; the midwife has not gone up to her, and we heard no cries of pain’” (Ascension of Isaiah 11 [A.D. 70]).

The Odes of Solomon

“So the Virgin became a mother with great mercies. And she labored and bore the Son, but without pain, because it did not occur without purpose. And she did not seek a midwife, because he caused her to give life. She bore as a strong man, with will . . . ” (Odes of Solomon 19 [A.D. 80]).

Justin Martyr

“[Jesus] became man by the Virgin so that the course which was taken by disobedience in the beginning through the agency of the serpent might be also the very course by which it would be put down. Eve, a virgin and undefiled, conceived the word of the serpent and bore disobedience and death. But the Virgin Mary received faith and joy when the angel Gabriel announced to her the glad tidings that the Spirit of the Lord would come upon her and the power of the Most High would overshadow her, for which reason the Holy One being born of her is the Son of God. And she replied ‘Be it done unto me according to your word’ [Luke 1:38]” (Dialogue with Trypho the Jew 100 [A.D. 155]).


“Consequently, then, Mary the Virgin is found to be obedient, saying, ‘Behold, O Lord, your handmaid; be it done to me according to your word.’ Eve, however, was disobedient, and, when yet a virgin, she did not obey. Just as she, who was then still a virgin although she had Adam for a husband—for in paradise they were both naked but were not ashamed; for, having been created only a short time, they had no understanding of the procreation of children, and it was necessary that they first come to maturity before beginning to multiply—having become disobedient, was made the cause of death for herself and for the whole human race; so also Mary, betrothed to a man but nevertheless still a virgin, being obedient, was made the cause of salvation for herself and for the whole human race. . . . Thus, the knot of Eve’s disobedience was loosed by the obedience of Mary. What the virgin Eve had bound in unbelief, the Virgin Mary loosed through faith” (Against Heresies 3:22:24 [A.D. 189]).

“The Lord then was manifestly coming to his own things, and was sustaining them by means of that creation that is supported by himself. He was making a recapitulation of that disobedience that had occurred in connection with a tree, through the obedience that was upon a tree [i.e., the cross]. Furthermore, the original deception was to be done away with—the deception by which that virgin Eve (who was already espoused to a man) was unhappily misled. That this was to be overturned was happily announced through means of the truth by the angel to the Virgin Mary (who was also [espoused] to a man). . . . So if Eve disobeyed God, yet Mary was persuaded to be obedient to God. In this way, the Virgin Mary might become the advocate of the virgin Eve. And thus, as the human race fell into bondage to death by means of a virgin, so it is rescued by a virgin. Virginal disobedience has been balanced in the opposite scale by virginal obedience. For in the same way, the sin of the first created man received amendment by the correction of the First-Begotten” (ibid., 5:19:1 [A.D. 189]).


“And again, lest I depart from my argumentation on the name of Adam: Why is Christ called Adam by the apostle [Paul], if as man he was not of that earthly origin? But even reason defends this conclusion, that God recovered his image and likeness by a procedure similar to that in which he had been robbed of it by the devil. It was while Eve was still a virgin that the word of the devil crept in to erect an edifice of death. Likewise through a virgin the Word of God was introduced to set up a structure of life. Thus what had been laid waste in ruin by this sex was by the same sex reestablished in salvation. Eve had believed the serpent; Mary believed Gabriel. That which the one destroyed by believing, the other, by believing, set straight” (The Flesh of Christ 17:4 [A.D. 210].


“If therefore it might come to pass by the power of your grace, it has appeared right to us your servants that, as you, having overcome death, do reign in glory, so you should raise up the body of your Mother and take her with you, rejoicing, into heaven. Then said the Savior [Jesus]: ‘Be it done according to your will’” (The Passing of the Virgin 16:2–17 [A.D. 300]).

Ephraim the Syrian

“You alone and your Mother are more beautiful than any others, for there is no blemish in you nor any stains upon your Mother. Who of my children can compare in beauty to these?” (Nisibene Hymns 27:8 [A.D. 361]).

Ambrose of Milan

“Mary’s life should be for you a pictorial image of virginity. Her life is like a mirror reflecting the face of chastity and the form of virtue. Therein you may find a model for your own life . . . showing what to improve, what to imitate, what to hold fast to” (The Virgins 2:2:6 [A.D. 377]).

“The first thing which kindles ardor in learning is the greatness of the teacher. What is greater [to teach by example] than the Mother of God? What more glorious than she whom Glory Itself chose? What more chaste than she who bore a body without contact with another body? For why should I speak of her other virtues? She was a virgin not only in body but also in mind, who stained the sincerity of its disposition by no guile, who was humble in heart, grave in speech, prudent in mind, sparing of words, studious in reading, resting her hope not on uncertain riches, but on the prayer of the poor, intent on work, modest in discourse; wont to seek not man but God as the judge of her thoughts, to injure no one, to have goodwill towards all, to rise up before her elders, not to envy her equals, to avoid boastfulness, to follow reason, to love virtue. When did she pain her parents even by a look? When did she disagree with her neighbors? When did she despise the lowly? When did she avoid the needy?” (ibid., 2:2:7).

“Come, then, and search out your sheep, not through your servants or hired men, but do it yourself. Lift me up bodily and in the flesh, which is fallen in Adam. Lift me up not from Sarah but from Mary, a virgin not only undefiled, but a virgin whom grace had made inviolate, free of every stain of sin” (Commentary on Psalm 118:22–30 [A.D. 387]).


“Our Lord . . . was not averse to males, for he took the form of a male, nor to females, for of a female he was born. Besides, there is a great mystery here: that just as death comes to us through a woman, life is born to us through a woman; that the devil, defeated, would be tormented by each nature, feminine and masculine, as he had taken delight in the defection of both” (Christian Combat 22:24 [A.D. 396]).

“That one woman is both mother and virgin, not in spirit only but even in body. In spirit she is mother, not of our head, who is our Savior himself—of whom all, even she herself, are rightly called children of the bridegroom—but plainly she is the mother of us who are his members, because by love she has cooperated so that the faithful, who are the members of that head, might be born in the Church. In body, indeed, she is the Mother of that very head” (Holy Virginity 6:6 [A.D. 401]).

… “Having excepted the holy Virgin Mary, concerning whom, on account of the honor of the Lord, I wish to have absolutely no question when treating of sins—for how do we know what abundance of grace for the total overcoming of sin was conferred upon her, who merited to conceive and bear him in whom there was no sin?—so, I say, with the exception of the Virgin, if we could have gathered together all those holy men and women, when they were living here, and had asked them whether they were without sin, what do we suppose would have been their answer?” (Nature and Grace 36:42 [A.D. 415]).

Timothy of Jerusalem

“Therefore the Virgin is immortal to this day, seeing that he who had dwelt in her transported her to the regions of her assumption” (Homily on Simeon and Anna [A.D. 400]).

John the Theologian

“[T]he Lord said to his Mother, ‘Let your heart rejoice and be glad, for every favor and every gift has been given to you from my Father in heaven and from me and from the Holy Spirit. Every soul that calls upon your name shall not be ashamed, but shall find mercy and comfort and support and confidence, both in the world that now is and in that which is to come, in the presence of my Father in the heavens’” (The Falling Asleep of Mary [A.D. 400]).

“And from that time forth all knew that the spotless and precious body had been transferred to paradise” (ibid.).

Gregory of Tours

“The course of this life having been completed by blessed Mary, when now she would be called from the world, all the apostles came together from their various regions to her house. And when they had heard that she was about to be taken from the world, they kept watch together with her. And behold, the Lord Jesus came with his angels, and, taking her soul, he gave it over to the angel Michael and withdrew. At daybreak, however, the apostles took up her body on a bier and placed it in a tomb, and they guarded it, expecting the Lord to come. And behold, again the Lord stood by them; the holy body having been received, he commanded that it be taken in a cloud into paradise, where now, rejoined to the soul, [Mary’s body] rejoices with the Lord’s chosen ones and is in the enjoyment of the good of an eternity that will never end” (Eight Books of Miracles 1:4 [A.D. 584]).

“But Mary, the glorious Mother of Christ, who is believed to be a virgin both before and after she bore him, has, as we said above, been translated into paradise, amid the singing of the angelic choirs, whither the Lord preceded her” (ibid., 1:8). 


So, if you get a chance.  Wish Mary a happy birthday today.  After all, she took the time to be the Ark of the Covenant, the Tabernacle of the Saviour.  Through Him ALL are saved who believe in Him.

That’s what my God, who Created 553 sextillion miles of universe for man and woman to enjoy and be stewards of, says He did.  Not the alphabet soup of different genders, 75 trillion cells in man.  Maybe a few more in woman.  And as Mary proved, only woman can take a single cell and convert it to a fully functioning human in about 280 days.

She and Joseph wrapped her Child in swaddling clothes, we put ours in onesies, kidcart strollers and more.  Same genus, same species.

john-paul-the-great-in-marys-arms-when-shotAs to your god, believe what you want.  I stick to the revealed God, who created one man and one woman from one first couple.  ONE HUMAN RACE.  Shuffle your 52 cards’ deck, all imprinted with RACIST! in the middle, and deal them as you will.  There is NO black or Jewish or white or Polish, nay German nor American race.  Just the ONE HUMAN RACE.

Oh, and the narrow road race to the eternal forever kingdom of heaven.  Thank you, New Eve, who was conceived as immaculate as the first Eve and her hubby, Adam.

Mary continues to use her frequent flyer miles, appearing at so many places like Mexico City (Our Lady of Guadalupe), Czestokowa, as Good Success in Quito, Ecuador, at the pope’s side when he was shot by communist sympathizers on May 13, 1981, the feast of our Lady of Fatima, another one of her in personal appearances.  Which, as she proved in Egypt, she is the mother of protestants, muslims, Catholics, ALL people and Queen of all places, HEAVEN! too.

Thank you, Mary for your service.  You ARE LOVED!  Say Hi! to my Donna in the heavenlies; she too took on motherhood with gusto.