Housing News: the 3rd 3rd of 2019 September

Come sit down for a minute and let’s talk about the market.  It is YOUR market!

In my 31st year of serving you, the housing consumer, I need to keep you posted on what’s going on…as well as what others are doing.  I help people chase their dreams and keep them from turning their “wealth creation” into nightmares. As summer ends soon, and fall drifts in, here’s what’s up the last third of 2019.

I pay for information.  For example, mucho bucks for listing access to 80 listing sites and econ data.  My pleasure.

But, some of my best data comes from Steve Thomas, whom i have subscribed to for years. My clients get access through these monthlies though out of deference to his 9 kids, i don’t publish it on Facebook. But, my clients deserve the best and most accurate data.

His degrees in quantitative econ and decision sciences propels Steve’s data to be spot on in many ways.

“The housing market isn’t going to change much through year end.  Well priced homes will continue to go into escrow though with longer marketing times since the market is more balanced.  Buyers hoping for a 2007-8 precipitous fall does not look real at all.  Plus the recession birds will try as they might to kill a booming economy, it isn’t so.  That inverse yield curve was a headline blip; frankly, it was more a starting salvo for the 2020 Presidential election.  We have the strongest economy in decades, employment levels for all cultures (black, Hispanic, Asian, women, etc.) is the highest.  If job creation slows down, it’s only because not enough workers are in the participation ranks.  Our colleges are turning out quite a few left handed pupperteer studies grads, but not the optimum for the jobs mix.

Read Steve’s Housing Report.  If you have ANY questions, thinking of selling or buying this year or next, we are ready to help.  The most prepared clients are those who know what is going on and seeks counsel.  It is said “From a multitude of counselors, comes wisdom!”   We are dedicated to your real estate needs….AND wants.  Don’t do dumb by omission OR commission.

A few more satisfied clients.   “The Miracle of St. James” story coming soon.

Also, “Flippers LOVE to take your equity for free”, the client story of Presidio.

On behalf of Briana, Lisa, Steve and Len, serving your real estate needs throughout the five counties of SoCal…

Fr. Rocky even a square circle is NOT impossible with God

Fr. Rocky, funny thing happened on the way to the pledge…maybe, creating a Madrid that even Nancy can’t lift, let alone God, is impossible…

But not a square circle.

The Beauty of Catholic apologetics is just how much we DON’T know about God and His Church, His 500+ sextillion mile wide universe..and yet we can marvel at His wondrous creative works. Miracles NEVER cease and are more prevalent, in these last days, than one thinks.

As a cradle Cath dad of 11, I have seen dramatic miracles often, at least 11 times, including one just days after the mother of my brood went to heaven 49 days short of 49 years the day after Jesus’ mom’s birthday. 9/9 thus the $99 donation to keep relevant radio alive.

Each of these eleven incredible kids, if you sort out their respective 37-75 trillion cells of enthusiasm, joy, sorrows, pains, etc. IS a masterpiece…as are you, Fr Rocky AND your diligent defenders of the faith and the faithful. Including a perfectly ‘liftable’ Patrick M who despite 11 pregnancies, has kept his shape and weight well.

For example, the Square Circle or Circle Square comparison. There is a large object at the center of the world that defies complete explanations, studied for centuries by the likes of Isaac Newton & others that has this quality you call impossible. And I believe it is a timeless and living Catholic artifact like the Tilma of John James and Fr. Spitzer’s beloved (and mine) Shroud of Jerusalem, Edessa & Turin. Just three Catholic sacramentals, living symbols of God’s plan.

Go to the center of the world and find this big thing. Measure one of its apparent four sides, you get 9,131 inches. So its linear outline, ie circumference, is 4 times that number or 36524 inches. Not 36525 but 36524 inches. Odd thing, this Catholic artifact with its base, maps out the perfect year that we must leap every 4 with a day: 365.24 days in a solar year. How we doing Fr Spitzer so far? So, calendar time is built into the base of this first and only remaining wonder of the ancient world.

Once covered with 144,000 super hard limestone mirror stones, the height of this artifact is 5813 inches. Times two you get 11,626 if continued to its peak (it was designed to have a flat top, no Pharoah golden capstone brag piece.

God the math whiz created geometry, analytical and otherwise and math. If i asked my Thomas Aquinas college grad master in math Nathan, he’d say hmmm. Divide the circumference by twice the height (circum ference or “around the perimeter) and you get 3.1415. Circumference=2 Pi R

Wait, Beckman, you stink as a minor Catholic archeological apologist. How the heck can a hunk of rock be a square circle or that important in Jewish2Catholic salvation history? You tell me. The rock Moses struck twice cost him a trip INTO the Promised Land of Israel. Peter IS a rock, Cephas. Rock on…

Fr. Rocky and immovable object Patrick M, get this: it seems the Giza Necropolis’ main attraction was built into Holy Scripture. I think it should be a part of Catholic tradition, like the Assumption or IN-n_out or Chick Fil “never on Sunday” A. It STILL is the most accurate compass on earth, especially sitting at the center of the world and perfectly aligned with the NEWS cardinal directions. North et al. After thousands of years, it varies only 3 seconds of arc from true North.

The seasonal pledge season is over and my $99 in honor of Donna, sainted yes, and my new bride Mary of Torrance I married on the 8th (DATE of Mary’s Emancipation Conception immaculately and her Bday) at of all places Nativity church. So my challenge for Patrick d’ Madrid and the other fine apologists to see up close and personal my nominee for admission to Catholic living symbol tradition: Google Map Giza Pyramid and notice.

Dig deeper and note this square circle was built before the drizzle err massive 40 day deluge from above and below that reformed the continents with 8 humans in the Ark of the Rains Covenant that resulted in a rainbow. Before the rainbow was co-opted by the gender ideology industry. No more water destruction of the earth. The vapor canopy is gone.

We had the STURP commission; maybe it’s time for the GIZA relic team to head to the center of the world.

Beckman, what’s this “center of the world” stuff? It’s molten iron down there. Not of the earth, but of the “world”. Draw a line horizontally touching the MOST LAND possible and bisect it with a line vertically touching the most terra firma and you get two points: one in the ocean (not suitable for a 39 acre altar or pillar or pyramid) and it’s current location.

The slope of the pyramid (51 degrees, 52+/-2 minutes) helps it, the world’s largest object, have zero carbon lit footprint: on the first day of spring (the day of 8’s, the day of rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation) at high noon there is ZERO shadow.

NO ONE was buried in the Giza hotel. No pharaoah: it is the master, the arcetype for the cheaper imitations. Although there is a solid rectangular granite box that matches the dimensions of David’s Ark of the Covenant inside. It’s the only pyramid that has passages UNDER ground. And an ASCENDING passage into the Queen and King’s Chamber. THere’s a 70 ton single piece of granite in the King’s Chamber that could not have been brought in: it had to be inside and the pyramid built around it. 20 ton stones, cemented with an unknown formula even today.

In fact the descending passage has just a circle scored in the rock AND an inch (like a map scale symbol) called the pyramid or sacred Jewish inch.

The angle as measured is 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds north of east.

When plotted from the Giza “compass”, it draws a line across the Solomonic pillars marking the Exodus and more important, crosses the House of Bread sometimes called Beth’Lehem. Often called the “Christ angle” by non aluminum hat wearing crystallogists, on the day of rebirth, you can watch the sun rise over Jesus’ birth city and at high noon, no shadow as if at one time it was a beacon. Len the crackpot? Well, look at Isaiah 19:19-20; before the 144,000 mirror stones were removed in the 6th century (after an earthquake made it a quarry of sorts) like a Home Depot depot to be used for minarets and mosques, it’s maximum light (only object visible from the moon) made it a pillar of light. And it’s max brightness at noon, visible from hundreds of miles away, on the first day of the season of rebirth, Spring.

Isaiah 19:19-20 is an interesting reference to the Giza prime pyramid, not the two seconds on the Giza plateau “In that day, there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt and a monument to the Lord at its border.” (19)

GPG is flat topped, about 30 sq feet of real estate that could be a monument, even an altar? Designed with the capstone ie cornerstone missing. Exactly where is Jesus to return to?

“It will be a sign and a witness to the Lord Almighty in the land of Egypt.

God has left clues since Creation.

When they cry out to the Lord because of their oppressors, He will send them a Saviour and Defender, and He will rescue them”

We keep discovering stuff about this pile of rocks. Its slope that matches the curvature of the earth, was discovered in the 1940s. Global average temp of 68 degrees. It has not moved in millennia, since it was built in 2623 before Christ, noting that it sits on a flat but massive granite mountain. Some scholars see it as a time map (don’t go conspiratorial on me) with each pyramid Jewish inch per year. Tolerances between each 20-70 ton stone about the diameter of a human hair.

17 (the number of “victory” in Scripture) steps up to the entrance, 344 feet to the end of the passage, intersecting at the ascending passage, all with precision. Only image in the passage is a scored line about 2141bc, the same year light from the North Star shown all the way down the 344 foot passage. 2007 was the other year recorded this happened. Subject for another time.

And the corner/capstone is missing. Actually NEVER there, designed maybe for a later time? Recently discovered, GPG is actually 8 sided, with each of the 4 prominent sides having unique indents doubling the faces.

As any Catholic apologist worth his or her salt will tell you, Jesus’ number is the number 8. Since Hebrew and Greek assign numbers to each of its letters, Jesus comes out to be 888. No 666 with this Savior: 8 most often in Scriptures shows rebirth or renewal (regarding sound, the 8th whole note is a ‘repeat’ or harmonic of the 1st, 8 survived the cataclysmic planet reconfiguring flood, the 8th day of the week is Sunday, 8 days after the Palms was the Resurrection, rebirth/circumcision occurred on the 8th day etc.).

Could it be a Catholic altar? Odd thing, there’s an inverted pyramid altar at Paul the Apostle in Chino Hills. Just suppose the stone that the builders “rejected” became the cornerstone of a whole new world? Fascinating that the Christ Angle flies over Bethlehem, not Jerusalem, as if it was put in place about 2623bc to focus a couple millenia into the future, laser focusing on the Birth of a King and Saviour. God only knows if the Giza pyramid, which NEVER had a human body in it, though a red granite coffer with dimensions identical to the Davidic Ark graced the King’s Chamber.

Our God is a loving God and you’d think He’d want EVERYONE He creates to live forever happily. In fact, He would design in, in various ways, clues on many things. The Shroud of Jerusalem exhibits miraculous evidence of the 1st, 3rd and 8th day after Friday the 13th day of the Hebrew month Nissan; it is under continuous study today, including the amazing Fr. Spitzer, blind only in human sight but graced with phenomenal INsight.

The photo quality tilma resident in Tenoctitlan that Hillary asked “Who painted this” ten feet away, is an incredible star chart just discovered in recent decades. The constellations help tell the story of salvation history in the heavens; interesting that Virgo the ever Virgin is over the heart of the Guadalupe Lady. The obviously pregnant 2nd Eve who said “Yes!!” has the constellation Leo (the Lion of the Tribe of Judah) over her womb.

When God created the universe, after the rebelling and falling angels did their worst, He installed I believe paternal, benevolent ‘discoverable’ clues to Whom the Godhead is, means of eternal happiness for us and what “the Eye has not seen nor ear heard” is in store for us.

Intuitively reflecting what we say each Sunday or daily at Mass “God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God”, pure white light contains the infinite variations of color. But ALL of these are combined into THREE distinct persona, Blue, Red and Yellow. Like Friday the 13th for 1 of 3, and Mary’s six dates in Portugal, on the 13ths of succeeding months in 1917, God leaves discoverable clues about the eternal Triune God. 3 Prime Colors make up the ONE Light.

Not for this piece, but isn’t it amazing how we in the Church malign our beloved God’s most incredible abilities, in which He combines THREE entities, Blue H2O, Yellow energy/sunlight and “Red” carbon dioxide to feed HIS entire world? The trace 1:2500 CO2 molecule to total air molecules of nitrogen, oxygen and argon, becomes “photosynthesis”. Not pollution as the Supremes ruled. These three entities, a liquid that covers 70% of the planet, an energy source one million times larger than the earth and a miracle molecule of TWO oxygen (life giving) atoms and ONE carbon (the basis of life), become food for the journey. To eternity and beyond.

From the website Gizapyramid.com: “When you look up at the Great Pyramid, it’s apex seems to be missing. It is flat topped and not pointed like a pyramid should be.  Usually, when a pyramid was constructed, the top part, or capstone (also called top-stone), was the last thing to be placed on it. It was considered the most important part of the pyramid and was made of special stone or even gold. The capstone was usually highly decorated.”

As on the dollar bill, we have a cornerstone less pyramid at the world’s crossroads that points to the “let my people go” point and the House of Bread birthplace of the Bread of Life; theologically speaking: Hmmm. No corner stone to survey. Yet, Revelations accounts have NOT all been fulfilled yet?

100 years before STURP, in 1874, two astronomers constructed the steel skeleton of what the top (corner) stone would have been. But being about 900 square feet (30 x 30 feet) flat, it would have been the largest pyramid/gold capstone ever…and not easily lifted and carted away, especially if made of gold.

Methinks God build it or had it built this way, with a landing zone for His Son, on purpose, long before Jesus stepped foot into the Jordan for the Trinity coming out party and baptismal event. For HIS purposes. 9000 cubic meters of gold or the King of Kings? I’d go with the King.

But for the money lovers out there: One cubic yard of gold converted to pounds is equal to 32,500.87 lb. Times 9000 equals 292,507,830. Spot gold today was $1545.90, so the golden cornerstone would be worth $7.235 TRILLION. Again, I’d still go with the King, whether He has appeared on the altar top or not yet in the midst and at the border of Egypt. After all, He IS eternal…AND priceless.

No way space based aliens built it. But the same with earth bound earthlings; we lack capacity to understand measurements, locations, abilities to megamanipulate tonnage, etc.

GPG, this Catholic “sacramental”, has the earth’s curvature built into its outer surface, discovered in the 1940s. It matches the average land height of the earth, mean temperature and so much more. The biggest dilemma for the claim the Greeks or Egyptians knew how and where to put it, belies the lie: NO satellites or other tech available, let alone aircraft to investigate exactly where the center of the world was. It sits on both the middle and the border of Egypt, easily explained. But how?

About a decade ago or so, I was in Fr Tim Peters office in the St Anthony Claret rectory and pointed to his two dimensional “globe” map on his wall. I showed him the intersecting lines covering the most linear land. He seemed to think, hmm maybe there’s something to this.

Fr. Rocky. Nancy’s immovable hubby Patrick. Is THIS California dad of 11 full of doo doo or are we looking in the right direction? As evil becomes much more pronounced, as in the days of Nazareth, where demons roamed the earth, can we be that much different after 61.5 million successful human innocence kills by satanic surgeons, doctors of death whose father is the father of lies, the devil?

. Whenever God speaks or creates, evil imitates, counterfeits, lies, substitutes, distorts. God created man and woman for marriage, and marriage for one man and one woman, evil comes up with divorce and 100 or so gender ideological sillies. Where is the Church?

Create the miracle of a 75 trillion celled woman, the last and most complex creation in God’s creative stream, and her ability to yield a child, evil destroys and counters with abortion. Where is the Church?

Jesus and His apostles do ‘magic”, ie miracles, that Simon wants to buy them for his snake oil shows much like the Algorean heretic demeans God’s creative ability to FEED His humans. Funny, the magic that Simon sought, we freely denigrate in our environmental justice climactic change hoaxes meetings disguised as “helping the poor” and “saving the world”. We have a Saviour and God DID a decent enough job with trillions of animals, plants, stars, planets, millions of biochemical processes and one woman. And one man. Where is the Church, agreeing with the pagans AND indoctrinated, those who claim to know it all and know soooo little. Our new pastor, Fr. Moneypenny has a four word statement: “Pride talks. Humility Walks”. Humbly i admit I know little. But, until my last breath I will fight for Truth, and against the entity that St Michael battles day in day out.

The list is endless but the war has been won. The battles will continue but as many of the clues (what I call Eternal Treasures) are discovered and rediscovered, we can see what Hebrews 11 is talking about.

Evil tries and destroy a Catholic sister named Terri Schiavo Schindler using Scientology and bully power, and God uses His incredible servant, Pope St John Paul the Great to suck the necromantic air out of the demons of death’s celebration. Check Zenit. Almost immediately on March 31st, 2005. The Result is a very special “Eucharistic miracle” in which the sentient living woman, our sister in faith, lived 13 days on only three “doses” of the Bread of Life first seen in the House of Bread, in Israel. Located 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds of arc north of east as the crow flies.

Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. And freedom TO do the will of the Father is being free indeed. But, the square circle just isn’t the best way to explain God’s abilities. Especially, despite OUR failings as humans, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with God. Len Beckman

First writing and revision. Aug 25, 2019 Photos and graphics applied later.

Missing the target on guns and knives

I sent out a tweet regarding the third mass killing tragedy over a week. First there’s the leftist agendized mental case in Dayton killing of 9 (My son, Daughter in Law and two grandkids home town)

“Make me a channel of your peace.  Where there is hatred, let me so love”~the former Giovanni of Assisi

Next, the El Paso traveling hit man kills 20+ international shoppers in The Pass/El Paso.

Third notorious mass killer was a robber in the OC Garden Grove zone.  Multiple robberies via kitchen knife, who was released though a seasoned repeat criminal because of the notorious AB109 “Get out of jail early or free” law.

Prostiticians and real people are tripping over each other asking “Why?”

The Tweet was “Latest Mass Knifing kills 4!
Need Knife Control NOW&universal backGround checks: if owner cannot cut steak&chicken well, confiscate!
Trump visits Orange Cnty victims.
WORST since ’94: avg 8,000 died each day x 100 Rwandans. Machetes killed 800K. NO MORE Machs NOW!”

My fellow Americans and sojournors toward heaven, we are missing the target on guns and knives.  Not even hitting an outer ring at 50 yards, with arrow or projectile.  Recall, the Dem owned media called SUVs the evil mass killer in the 90s and not the accidental running over of a human not equipped with steel and rubber wheels.  Foolishly ascribing sentient abilities to a half ton people wagon.

IF IT’S THE TOOL OR WEAPON WE BAN WHENEVER DEATH TO A HUMAN OCCURS, we’d have to ban water, trees, knives, currettes, bats and baseballs, abandoned comfortably…CAFE standards, Smart Cars and even SUVS.  We must be wise and begin where the weapon control function resides: in the mind of evil, resident in humans not steel.

The problem of quantity killings is multi-faceted, but the solutions are out there.  First step is to stop the agendized drippings uttered by prostiticians everywhere.  The Ohio and Texas families welcomed Trump because he came to express the nation’s grief; you may not like to hear this but he is the most pro-life president since Reagan.  He takes no salary, has at least 300 accomplishments hidden BY the Dem owned media, but this piece isn’t about Trump:  it’s about you and I.trump on life

In April 1994 onward, 800,000 human beings were ‘macheted’ to death over 100 day in Rawanda.  Hutus didn’t like the Tutsis so voila.

No gun powder or H2O.  The 800,000 victims are just as dead as the El Paso shoppers or Dayton bar hoppers.  The Dayton perp’s sister will not rise at her funeral, dying like Abel did at the hands of Cain in the early days of humanity on earth.

When we remove the emotionalism & prostiticians and look sensibly, one bullet would have saved 3 of the Garden Grove victims of if it launched from a trained cop or concealed carry citizen.  3 to live out their lives for 30, 50 years.

Or a plainclothes armed security guard at the El Paso WalMart, would have keep some of the 20 on earth not buried six feet down.

First, we must use our brains on this.  ANYTHING can be used as a tool OR a weapon.  The primary problem is well-formed consciences, critical thinkability to realize that human beings are precious people, not potential targets.  This is something a generation of indoctrination has put at risk.

This third quantity killing in a series is a good start of real discussion and hope for change.

  A currette (in my list above) is a sharp spoon shaped knife; like a scalpel it is SHARP and cuts through humans and human flesh easily.  Unfortunately, the currette is responsible for more dead humans that all other tools/weapons on earth, including Howitzers and handguns.

At least 30 million of the 61.5 million dead at or before birth kids died because a sharp tool, the currette, was used to carve them out of their mothers. 

But, have you seen any background check protests for satanic surgeons employed by Sanger’s militant Soldiery at planned parenthood?  Or Currette Control; thankfully we are getting close to Abortion Free Zones in some places because, well, kids are humans that differ from moms and you y me in ‘age, location and size’.  NOTHING ELSE! 

Defenseless, vulnerable and diverted away by Democlish.  Speaking of this alien language of Democlish, Virginia’s Dr Gov. ‘WrecKid” Ralph Northam said when the kid comes out alive, we let her die on the table BUT we keep her comfortable.  Like an SUV, death by comfort, apparently.  Hellish, diabolic but the Media?  Asleep and complicit.

Certainly we can’t look to the regressives, NOT the Democrat 20 Prez or AOCrew leadership, with the platform they stand on boasting of a termite ridden plank euphemistically called “reproductive rights”.

Second, we must agree to start speaking in whole sentences AND in English again.  Real English, not Spanglish or Democlish.   It’s bad enough, even with $686,000 per 40 kid classroom PER YEAR we get 78% grad rates and 35% Math&English proficiency rates from LA unified, but adults with much to hide misdirect and disguise their evil works.

A “woman’s right to choose…” is an incomplete sentence: it really is “A woman’s right to choose death for her child” or a “mother’s right to kill her kid”.  Mature, sentient adults are able to Speak the truth completely and concisely.  Those of us who abhor senseless deaths ALLOW the other “side” to control the societal language and thus the debate.

Why?  Because incomplete phrases as the Democlish speakers use them, weaponizes “lying” and bullying with words.

Abortion is a surgical procedure, not a human being or animal, which have a varied array of basic rights.

Abortion has no right, nor does Mr or Mrs Reproduction.  Humans have rights, just as American citizens have the inalienable right of life, liberty and property. 

Property was labeled “pursuit of happiness” in the 1770s for our founding document because slave states would not okay “private property” as an inalienable right.  Sad thing is, they became the party of slavery at that time and remain the same today in a more viral iteration.  Seen a Dem 10 debate recently?

As to rights, the Independence Declaration has them in order of priority…for SURVIVAL and a free and covenant nation.

There is no pursuit of happiness OR private property without liberty.  And these, liberty, property and happiness pursuit, are archaic past, without the right to live.

You can’t be FREE if you are DEAD, except in the sense you are FREE to live eternally with Jesus and His companions in heaven.

What is missing, to secure our blessed land, is something that is dangerously absent: a formed conscience in too many of our Next Generation.

One listen to the 30 year old Alexandria Ocasio(nal) Corte(x user), AOC on any day that ends with a “y” should give you concern that education died and indoctrination thrives at too many universities these days.  But there is hope.

And what is FUNDAMENTAL to a formed conscience, is the ability to see morality, right and wrong that we know the Truth, instinctively without reservation.  To see that 75 trillion celled being in front of you, whether one of the two God designed genders, male and/or female, as worthy of life and kindness.

Those that speak Democlish (Democrat English) love anarchy’s ace Alinsky; they love power and hate America.  Sadly,  not every mature adult sees this.

61.5 million dead Americans are gone for good, just as the 32 people who collectively died in Garden Grove, El Paso and Dayton.  NOT mentioned are the 7 of 53 SHOT in Chicago on a typical bloody weekend in the Windy City. 

For legitimate comparison, while the DeMedia hysteria bubbling, 32 people died at Planned Parenthood TODAY…and everyday…in the Orange County Tustin @ 22fwy kill mill.  No background checks, no weaponized evil doctor control, just organic parts disguised as property disguised as living human beings. With the WrecKid Ralph bonus of “it’s ok to kill a girl outside the mom as long as no one else sees you doing it” at a licensed corner killing field facility.

That brutal murderer Stalin called genocide a statistic and an individual death a tragedy. As desensitized to the truth and reality we are becoming, there is too much truth in these words. 800,000 Rawandans, 6 million Jews, 61.5 Million American children. All dead needlessly serving the one master, the devil. Remembered as statistics, not vibrant humans living awesome lives. ALL just because someone else had more power, not the moral right, to use machetes, cyanide and/or spoon knives to kill them completely.

Just how diabolic it is, riddle me this: What’s the only difference between harvesting gold and hair from dead Jews versus harvesting baby hearts and livers from any faith, color or nationality dead kids? Answer?

About 75 years.

Ridiculous is the latest regressive leftist claim that Trump is Hitler signalling white supremacists and nationalists with half mast 8/8 Heil Hitler. Frank Figliuzzi, an NBC ‘contributor’, thinks Trump is signalling Hitler’s followers. Uhm, he was serious. The guy who defends both Israel and rabidly anti-anti-Semitic cowards is called Adolph.

Yes H is #8 in the alphabet, but then God is about living symbols in many ways: “He who has wisdom…”.

And the mainly regressive left is great at misdirection, bypassing the truth for their kaleidoscope ideological shifts. God creates two genders, they manufacture 100. Ironically, Jesus’ name, in the Greek, correlates to 888, since Greek and Hebrew have cardinal numbers attached to the letters. 8 is the number of rebirth, resurrection and new life. Circumcision occurs on the 8th day; 8 survived in the Ark, the 8th note is similar to the 1st with harmonics.

Like the rainbow was co-opted for a flag, and that joyous Christmas word gay subbed in for a sexual lifestyle, evil continues to diss God any way it can. It answers creation with abortion, marriage of a man and woman with divorce, and onward.

Let me end with this: do NOT buy in to the miscreants, the America haters, the satan sellers, those who shout “Racism” at every turn.

We are NOT a racist country, though you can’t control 100% of the people 100% of the time. Some people will think and do stupid, because someone is old, young, short, black, white or green and different than them. News at 11 folks: EVERY single human being IS different. No matter if a domestic terrorist with AntiFa or a prostitician or parent.

It IS a great day to be alive, to BKind…to 4Give… to B4Given. 99.9% of the problems in the world are remediable IF we engage the other, look at that human near us as just that: a sentient human. Talk to them, discuss, be kind and grateful, no matter EVEN if they are BLACK! After all, there were white AND black slaves AND white and black slave owners. Still today, yes. Reparations? Give me a break.

So, before you join the picket line screaming, “Confiscate ALL the dangerous world waters!” or better, ban assault knives! You know the ones that are longer than 4 or 6 inches and really have no real application like cooking.

Of course, machetes are not just used by MS13 gang rats: also, by farmers to cut jungle growth or crops. To one, it feeds his family; the other, it’s a gang initiation or Islamist demonstration in which a human’s head is severed. Truth be told, that black head that YaleMed paid $715 for (proven from Freedom of Information Act disclosure), was severed by an AMA certified medical surgeon who works for Sanger’s militia, PP.

It’s not the tool or the weapon; it’s the human using it. Indoctrination MUST stop; re-education and true education commence. ALL human life is precious and the innocent among us must be protected. Isn’t 61,500,000 dead human AMerican children enough for the Democrat party plank, as rotten and termite eaten as it is?

Meanwhile, Beto, Biden & Blasio can make all the noise they want. They stand on the dead carcasses of two generations of children. Meanwhile, instead of defending the kids, they demand MORE background checks on all private gun sales, they do none on knife sales, even baby sales drawn and quartered by the fave Dem donors.

Speaking of weapons, insane, is SB24. This Taxifornia’s college mom baby killing initiative MUST be defeated.

College is a time of learning, building one’s critical thinking abilities, meeting others you agree AND disagree with. NOT a place to just get pregnant then have your kid killed, sold as parts and you go on with your miserable life. Never mentioned is You BECOME a miserable collegian, ladies, because abortion is NOT a victimless crime: it kills your kid AND slices off a real part of your heart and soul. For a lifetime.

But, like the deceivers singling out various tools used as weapons, they won’t tell you this as they post you on a table and shove an assault curved currette up your privates to remove all evidence of the child within, cutting out the whole child and half your heart. And mom, understand this, whether a teen or 30 something: the other half of your heart WILL be disabled for the rest of your life unless you seek good post abortive counsel, confession and wise loving family and friends. Even then, the hollowness will haunt you a little or too often, way too much.

“Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes human life” Hat tip to POTUS. Constantly blaming knives, water and .22s may make the superficial happy, it will do nothing about changing the indoctrinated souls of millions. Much work to be done, but necessary. Len (revised)

AOC! Never again. EVER!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is paid $177,000 a year to represent the 14th NY Congressional district with its Queens and Bronx citizens. Recently, the poor dear almost had a heart attack when confronted with a garbage disposal switch, but she is always ready to preach at us. Be it the inane reparations idiocy, Commie Red Greenie stuff or now cut from whole cloth, calling the generous US attempt to feed, house and clothe gate crashers who lack the courtesy to wait in line to gain entrance to the freeest land on earth by the usual: National Socialists or Nazis. Hmm. Talk about calling a black heart spade a spade.

Her 160 year old death party battles to keep the walls off the border, no fences, desiring anyone, whether a Guatemalan family or sub Saharan African Islamist, the right to rush in.

AOC, please use your God given brain for once: an ISIS guy carrying biotoxins or other mass murder materials is someone you don’t want in the Bronx. Even Queens. Yes, Boston econ grad, you hate new jobs, 25,000+ and legend in your own mindlessnes kept Amazon out the means for your 14th to truly THRIVE, but do you really want biologics seasoning your DC salad brought here courtesy of the Hate America crowd that still worship Osama, son of Laden?

AOC’s comment is interesting: ” This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying. This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis”

Expert analysis? Like your tenured leftist universitas professors and your brain washed fellow students. Sergio and Blanca may be proud of their daughter AOC, but one wishes they had protected her, actually educated her and kept her out of the public indoctrination concentration camps system. “Never Again” are not the words to be bandied about blissfully. In fact, she insults 6-10 million dead ’40s Poles, Jews, handicapped, gypsies and others. AOC, you have two ears to go with your large eyes, but only one mouth. Close it for a moment and listen. And learn. You don’t know everything; neither do the other two of the three musketeer freshmen congresswomen who hate America.

This dad of 11 has some credentials. I am Polish & German; AOC is a sadly ignorant and heavily indoctrinated leftist twenty something. I doubt if AOC, in her superficials obsessed world has ever been to ground zero of hell. I have and it changed me, and the teens that were with me.

One of my special possessions is a poster i bought in Oswiecim, Poland that screams the phrase that clueless AOC co-opted whimsically:

“Never Again”.

Where is Oswiecim? It is the local Polish name for the renamed German concentration death camp known as Auschwitz~Berkinau where I bought this image back in 2005 on a World Youth Day pilgrimage to Cologne, Germany.

Auschwitz-Berkinau poster bought at the Holocaust museum in Oswiecim Poland

Embossed into the poster is the body of a concentration camp victim; over the years, I added a preborn child hanging in a onesie. The phrase “Auschwitz warns” are repeated throughout. When i purchased it at the Holocaust Museum in Poland, i also visited the real “concentration” cell of St Maximilian Kolbe, who was joined by 90 other victims in a 10×10 foot cell.

To stay alive, Max and his cell mates had to continuously walk around, passing Ocasio-nally the crude toilet to relieve themselves. They feasted on next to nothing for they were destined for ‘concentrated’ death.

I’ll bet, the DC apartment that surrounds AOC’s scary garbage disposal is bigger than that, for her and AOC’s unmarried stable mate. Certainly about as big as Maryland’s Adam & Eve Schiff’s 650sf crash pad in the People’s Republic of Burbank.

If Sergio and Blanca’s soon to be 30 year old on Oct 13th took the time, she could travel to actually experience what the real Holocaust was about. She could even just go to the DC Holocaust Museum to see what “Never Again” is all about.

If AOC makes it to Poland’s museum, she will notice bins of hair, suitcases and strollers. When the Jews and Poles were trained, not on the DC Amtrak route she never uses (greenies love to fly and brag), but into the Oswiecim relabeled train station, ALL the possessions and valuables were taken from them, told they needed to take a shower before entering the “work” camp.

Mexicans, Guatamalens, Chinese and terrorists who use kids as tokens in Texas aren’t stripped of their belongings; they are housed as humanely possible, fed and “processed”. AOC would be less the idiot if she just shut up more and got better staffers who allowed her to think; after all, she’s not hooked up to the Matrix

In Auschwitz, the showers progressed to being cyanide body washings. Other than the coyotes repeated raping of the 12 year olds the cartels send to the Democrat caused border bunkrooms, no illegal alien has their gold teeth extracted. In Poland in the 40s, this was the next step after the train riders were gassed BEFORE they were incinerated. At least AOC’s satanist surgeons cut out hearts and livers from the preborn 14th D future voters before the baby waste products were burned, buried or reused.

Ever see John Candy taking a handful of gold ingots from a 55 gallon barrel in Monuments Men? The 3rd Reich war effort shaved and saved the hair AND the gold teeth for future use. Neither body ornaments are extracted from the illegal alien gate crashers.

AOC, do you wonder what your fave concentration camp directors at Planned Parenthood do with the preborn baby parts they extract from your constituent bodies? You know of whom i speak; your classmates at Boston U, your neighborhoodies in the Bronz and those who partake in the Woman’s Rite to Choose Death for Her Child are more similar to the concentration campers of the 40s than your big mouth pronouncements of the Border Camps the US generously has set up, IN SPITE of the Demonrats refusal to legislate. AOC pontificates while the country suffers.

Miss Ocasional Cortex User, please realize you have two ears and one pie hole. Start getting help, go to an Indoctrination Anonymous PTSD center and retrieve your three pound brain module. It might be on file at the Boston U economics dept. Or maybe Gavel Granny, Gavin the Grabber’s aunt Pelosi, has it in her office.

But, comparing your Dem self-inflicted but easily solved (if you wanted them solved, which you don’t) border problems with Margaret Sanger’s, founder of Planned parenthoodlums LLC, fave protege, Adolf Hitler and his evil is disingenuous. I know, I know, a long word not in the LGBTxyz dictionary of leftist approved vocabulatory entries.

Your most recent imbecilic comment: “ Kids are dying in cages on our border. Families are being put in “freezers” & “dog pounds.” The cages belong to Barry Sotero, renamed like Walter Wilhem to Barack Hussein Obama; remember the classic picture happened during his anti American run. And true to your hero Hillary’s Alinsky love affair, you constantly accuse the good and innocent of that which your party of slavery, secession, segregation, Semitichate, etc. do constantly. Like all good bullies, you lie, cheat and steal. IF AOC was a woman of integrity, a true stateswoman, there would be hope. But her party of the demons refuses truth.

AOC, you represent Queens and Bronxians. Not, Mexican aliens, Michigan Islamist terrorists (That’s the job of somalian first termers) or me. Do your job or get out. Certainly, your “Never AGain’ blather should get you censured or expelled, but you own Nancy’s gavel and don’t give a damn about America. Just power lust and learning how to use your garbage disposal DC unit. It’s obvious: the sanitation public labor unions are not as strong in the District as in New York; in fact, New York removes all the rubble: it kills off MORE black kids than are born; ask AOC’s mentor Maggie for details. But black complexioned people make up 12% of the US population but they are killed off 33% of the time in the planned parenthoodlum re-purposing satanist surgical heart transplant not labor and delivery kill mills. After all, the Queen of Concentration Campers AOC must know: the 150 year run of the Demonrats includes a lot of ssss: Slavery, Secession, Segregation, Semitic (IE Jew baby hate) depersonalization; Sliced & Dice Sallys and Sams, and the usual slave reparations resurgence, even though black on black, black on white, multi-cultural slavery has historical proof. Long before Dems supported MexiTels enslaved and raped girls being used as “concentration camper hoax” on the Tex-Mex border.

NEVER AGAIN mistake 10 million 1940s deaths in 10 countries over 12 years for your Demonrat created mess, AOC. Unless you wake up and realize, the 61 million dead preborn kids your death merchant party have harvested over the last 44 years, 14 of which years you were NOT of this world yet. Then in Indoctrination U.

Now there is a concentration death camp you could champion: ending the killing of 33% of the blacks in America and the systemic killing of your cultural Latinx babies that, if kept alive, could become a garbage disposal fearing rep from the Bronx in 2045 or so. Just like you. Kudos for your hustle of a presumptive white Dem dude in the 14th.

But then, Dems LOVE dead babies and their hearts sold for $150 each to Texas U or $715 per Yale Med. Ahh, the Dem Woman’s Rite to Choose Death lives on as the latest little ‘h’ holocaust of the last five decades. 2 billion and counting, as if they were McDonald’s hamburgers.

Replacing the indoctrination fill of years of leftist tenured wacky Boston professors of Marxian economics is a delicate task. Someone mark the garbage disposal switch PLEEEze

Millennials! One great path to wealth~ Buy to share…

California is a tough place to get a home.  But, a recent example of a smart way to beat the high cost of housing for Millennials, AND boomers, surfaced: buy a home with 4+ bedrooms and do the home sharing method for as long as you want to.  Young couples, until you have kids.  Seasoned couples close to retirement, until you and when you travel.  You help your family of one, two or more; you ALSO help those who can’t yet buy but make good tenants.  Instead of paying $2100 for a one bedroom apartment, rent for $1300 from a home sharer and bank the rest:  $800 a month adds up quickly toward a down for your own home.  Including a homeshare.

Let us help you flesh it out. Call us at 714 267 1413

Interest rates have cratered, relatively, with the 10 year T-bill hovering at the low 2s yield (this controls mortgage rates),pushing down loan rates into the high 3s, maybe low 4% range.

Values are up in SoCal, but the differential between a 1200sf 2 or 3 bedroom and a 2200+sf 4 or 5 bedroom has narrowed.  Important factor!  Why?

Let’s go deeper: Renters are scrambling for reasonable. 1 bedroom apartments run into the $1700-$2300 range, even higher in some areas.  This makes it hard for millennials to save for their own homes and pay for luxuries like gas and food.

Other young buyers, saving for their first home, may be tempted to buy that 1 bedroom condo just to get a piece of the action.  Values are up and we are oscillating from seller to buyer to seller markets. But, try and sell that one bedroom when you have 3 munchkins.  Maryland’s Rep Adam & Eve Schiff have two kids; they certainly aren’t raising family in their 600 sf Burbank condoPad.

Shelve the common terms: don’t let them sidetrack you:

A seller’s market is when there is two or more offers at a point in time.  A buyer’s market is when they are the only offer on a property for yes, a point in time.  Economists expect mortgage rates to move to mid 4s this year, but experts used to be ‘perts’ and now they are ‘ex’: point being, crystal balls are murky.

Waiting for the perfect market forces too many to wait and miss the “good.”  A little analysis goes long on the football field of life.

Millennials!  Consider a great path to long term wealth: Buy to home share.  Home share is not short term rentals (despised in cities like Anaheim and others) but a long term aid to owning a home. And if you need to have private mortgage payment insurance (PMI or MI), you can reinvest part or all of the homeshare rent $$ in reducing principal.

Young couples, once married, tend to have munchkins.  But, a recent client success story needs to be broadcast.

Tim and Karen (possible name changes but true story) bought their 4 bedroom home for about $782K in a great city.  AT 3.875%, mortgage principal and interest per month is $3677.  Taxes another 1% and insurance, but still manageable, though homeowners insurance is on the rise due to the unnecessary wildfire conditions our ruling elite don’t do much to mitigate..     Learn the habit of home sharing with other millennials.

Tim & Karen shared living space with a non-family tenant for a couple years, which helped them save money to buy, in THEIR rented condo. Meanwhile, they didn’t buy brand new luxury cars and other depreciating (ie losing money) assets.  They saved and saved.

This helped them afford more home when condos and homes in the 600k ranges were not in the best of realms NOR more than a condo or teeny home.

Think about it: renting two (at $900+ per) of the four bedrooms means their cash flow looks much better: $1877/mo.  Now, not all of that is applicable, but it is money that can be used to reduce principal aggressively to remove costs like PMI (mortgage insurance), personal debt.  AND build up reserves.

Reserves are important because markets and economies change.  Hubby is a master accountant (super CPA) and wifey a beloved teech.

They will someday have triplets or at least an offspring or two but this could be years away.  So, why not get the home of their dreams today, housing ‘insurance’ against a downturn, and pay it down as much as reasonably possible.  Cars rust but homes tend to be essential.  Mortgage interest deduction no longer can be the most important reason to buy in Taxifornia’s tax tax and spend SacraDEMento mentality, yet the cash flow improvement makes your home work more for you under the HomeShare banner.

Recall $1877: that won’t get you a rented studio in some locales.  Yet, a 2200sf foot 4 bedroom can grow in value, no matter the market, because if Tim & Karen pay just ONE extra mortgage payment (two months of two rented rooms rental applied), their 30 year mortgage magically (actually mathematically) becomes a 23 year loan.

7 years shaved for one extra payment per year.  And even if prices tank, you are still paying off principal faster.

Notice the graph: the red line shows how amortization works: at the beginning of a 30 or 15 year loan, most of the payment is interest and crosses the equal line years later.  But if you pay one extra payment per year, you improve the principal (reduction) to interest picture considerably.  More than that one payment, even more aggressively.  But analyze before your amortize; be smart.

Let us help you analyze YOUR way to wealth.  Dave Ramsey loves to talk about the paid off mortgage replacing the stylish BMV as the status symbol of choice.  This real estate guy, Len, amazing Briana, magnificent Lisa, super Steve and other team members, believe we can help.

Getting rid of, or at least, curtailed depreciable things, like loaded up ‘death’ cards, is more than noble: essential for long term wealth growth.  Wealthy people, believe it or not, are in the better position to help others with their needs (wants are a different story) and do great things.  No poor person (though look around Jesus was right, they will be with us always) ever gave you or me a job.  Dave Ramsey and the Millionaire Next Door highlight that wealth need not just be a lottery watch: hoping for the lining up of 6 numbers and a mega.  Start today…or sooner.  The rainbow’s end is a well lived life…and in the kitchen floor of your very own home.

But guess what!!  Helping the poor can be a part of your day IF you do wise today.  When the plane gets bumpy and the oxy masks drop down, the first step is putting yours on so you can help those more vulnerable.  Do the same with life.

Congrats to our latest client success story!  Tim & Karen, we wish you the best in your new place, plenty of limes and family celebrations;  and the latest chapter in your life long adventure.    We wish them excellence in a world that does not value industry, thriftiness and frugality.  Ask the grasshopper and the ant who understands this more.


Len, Briana, Lisa and Steve are ALL licensed real estate professionals who can help you with the HomeShare advantage.  It just takes a first step.

I have NO Clue!

Paul Beckman with josh, Nikki, Liz and ShannonEverywhere we look, there are 3s. And on Trinity Sunday, we went to St Thomas More for 8am Mass today, celebrating the Perfect Threesome in One.  On Father’s Day of course: what a perfect merge of the eternals.

Frater Louis sang in Latin, Trinity on her namesake Sunday sang “You have your Father’s Eyes” at Meditation. Mom & Dad Hager, Gavin, Arnie, Queen of Heaven Hager and Briana nee Beckman, sang, played and sang a beautiful liturgy honoring the Ultimate Mystery of the Universe

How in Heaven’s Name did Three Persons exist from ALL Eternities Past, with no beginning and certainly, as predicted no end in sight?  Debate all you want, first purpose, First Cause, whatever, but God had to have NO beginning to continue to have NO end.  Every pail bearing 3 year old emptying the ocean into the beach hole knows this implicitly.

Political corruption, abbreviated “political correctness”, reigns in the alternate USA swamp, the Potomac DC.  Gavel Granny Pelosi wields her fave power tool, while her nephew Gavin the Grabber further raids the working class and poor for their pet idiocies in Taxifornia, rich in every natural resource but wisdom and thriftiness.  But this isn’t about LLLPPP or L3P3.

Simply put, God designs perfectly; we humans execute imperfectly as His greatest creative work, Woman, continues to continue the species.

I have NO clue how God has ALWAYS existed.  Neither do you, my friend.

Chew on this: as long as the Perfect Trinity, Father God, the Son and the Holy Spirit have existed, you will exist that same amount of time outside of time. Whew!!

God said to Himself: “Let Us make man in our image”. So the Perfect 3 created sentient beings, who can live from 40 to 969 years long (depending on which era you find yourself in) AND create an almost identical duplicate of itself to carry on the Divine Planned Parenting program: “Go forth and multiply!” No where did God say “Subtract or Divide..” He, not we, is the Alpha & the Omega, and after 2 billion worldwide and 61 million stateside child deaths by satanist surgeons, you’d think we’d get the memo.

Yes, we dads, like all humans are NOT perfect. We fathers try hard to emulate the Perfect Father God in raising our children, doing our work, loving our perfect or imperfect match of a wife. It is instinct.

More than ties and socks once a year, we fathers MUST instruct and educate the young, or evil in all of its manifestations will INDOCTRINATE in its smarmy image, Never God, antiTrinity ways.

Even so, I have NO clue. Monica’s playboy kid, Augustine had his beachside 3 year old hydro engineer; I like Augustine, have NO clue how God NEVER began. How He can be everywhere in an instant in this 553 sextillion wide universe. He even left us indisputable clues of his ThreeSomeness.

And we puny gnat like humans think we control the cosmos, climate and weather by labelling one of His most incredible food machine trace gases, CO2, as demonic pollution. What idiots we are!!

Take that wavy plasmatic ray/energy/matter thingee, white light. As first graders we see color wheels. The Trinity is made up of Three Primary Persons. White light is made up of Three Primary Colors, Blue, Red and Yellow. Does Blue of the heavens signify Father God? or Blood Red signify the super Sacrificing Son? And bright Yellow the Holy Spirit? you tell me!

A Prism magically separates One light (‘Light from Light, True God from True God’) into Three equal portions, totally distinct yet united as one. There is no prismatic device to separate the One Triune God into parts, but parts they are in One God, as three “persons”.

Thus the cluelessness. Augustine watched with amusement as the 3 year old try to dump ocean water repreatedly into a hole. He asked the kiddo: “What are you doing?” The innocent child said “Emptying the sea water into this hole!” Augustine the Wise said “It’s impossible to empty the whole ocean into your sand hole!”

To which the child stood up with his pail, saying “It would be easier, Augustine, for me to empty the whole ocean into this hole than for you to understand the Trinity!” Then he vanished. The angelic kid, not Augustine.

God wants to signal to us, in reality and symbolism, that there is more than this “mortal coil”; He designed ALL OF THE universe to bring man and woman to himself. No matter what and how evil tries its best to destroy our spiritual hunger for True Wisdom, Faith, Hope and of course the eternal virtue:


God will NOT be mocked. Nor ignored. Threes are everywhere!

The number of God commands in the stone tablets is THREE. You need THREE substances (light, liquid and a gas) to feed the world. We call this photosynthesis and its reverse aerobic respiration

And the much maligned Gift from God, carbon dioxide, is itself a reflection of the 3 in one principle: one Carbon and Two Oxygen atoms. It amounts to only ONE (1) air-borne molecule for every 2500 of nitrogen, oxygen and argon and yet, it FEEDS the WORLD. Our ignorant enviroRads never mention oxygen is RELEASED with the sugars, the nutrients that supports the plant food pyramid and all of life. Meanwhile Gavin the Grabber, the governor nephew of Gavel Granny Pelosi, use CO2, like climate change ambassador Moonbeam, as an excuse to tax and destroy, steal our natural gasoline resource that yields 6000 products and more.

3 is the perfect stool supporter. 4 or 2 legs have their deficiencies, but 3 legs rely on each the other for balance and support.

Fatherhood is the blessing much attacked today, greatly so since Lyndon Baines Son of John (LBJ) divorced black dads from families by prostituting government ‘welfare’ dollars and control. Man in the house: no moolah. This was and IS evil. His War on Poverty was really the War on God’s Designed Family Model. A War on Fatherhood.

Fathers, thank you. Of course, thank your wives who became mothers so you could be fathers. But, hold your head up high. Your best mentor and “hero” IS a Father, the First Father, Father God.

Our Jewish friends see God as one God, awaiting Elijah and the Savior. Our Islamic friends see God as Allah and Jesus a prophet born of a virgin.

My Hindu neighbors have many, many Gods while we Christians have just the ONE. Embodied in 3 persons. See how describing Trinity’s namesake fails English and all other romance languages: even Latin. But, WHEN we follow the Son, the Father’s Jesus the Christ, we will live forever and beyond

So as my critics and friends alike will agree, Len, YOU ARE clueless.

On the subject of the Trinity on this Father’s Day, I must reluctantly agree. Augustine tried so hard but the pail kid set him straight.

God bless you and make it a great day!! Love you all. 4Give. B4Given. Do something great for someone in need at least once a day and more if possible. Know the Father and His Son, with the Guidance of the Spirit.

After all, it IS a great day to be alive!

Real News for June~A 3rd Millennium Miracle story

Over three decades of serving families’ real estate needs, I have had the privilege of some fascinating stories of people, from first time buyers to savvy real estate investors with large property inventories, Superior Court ordered sales and more. Let me concisely (Len, concise?) tell you a true story.

A great family, Jack & Whitney, had come back to California after a few years in Texas.  We were able to get them a large Orange home at an excellent price; they added a $45,000 purchased Tesla solar system and some other items and were set to raise a growing family for a decade or two.

…then the Lone Star state beckoned yet again.  More specifically, a city in the state…and good friends in that city.   Though they had California and East families, so many friends remained in the upstate city north of the Alamo they continued their adventure.

2 years hence, the couple prayed and prayed and decided let’s “Go East!” once more.

The market had shifted to more of a balanced seller/buyer, but their home was very inviting to buyers.  We had had a lot of lookers,  and were ready to open escrow with the Miracle Man.  They had seen the home while birthday prep was underway for the youngest child.  Miracle Man wanted it.

The night before escrow started, I got a text he unexpectedly went in for serious emergency surgery and, though he fell in love with the J&W home, they would have to step out of the way.  We promised prayers, even contacted prayer warrior Dave Deaton to add our Miracle Man to his list.

Couple more open houses, 4 weeks later, we had been negotiating with a couple of offerors, working with a great couple who knew the owners and on the Friday before a planned Sunday open house, got an excited neighboring buyer who was selling her home.  But, timing is everything.

The Miracle Man’s excellent agent called; we discussed the final numbers, got signatures and opened escrow.  Though he faced some future treatments, he wanted this home.

Meanwhile, J&W bought a home in Texas, sight unseen with a seasoned agent, and they closed one day after our May closing!  Thanks to a good escrow officer, compliant sellers and buy, hard working representatives, lender, etc., Jack & Whitney didn’t need to rent first.  Mom of three, she had the faith and trust to load two pods, dad scheduled a flight, Q was transported (Q is yes, a dog) by land before we closed their OC home…and two families, two states, two homes are happy.  Patience and persistence wins out every time.  God bless our Texas and California clients!

Real estate is more than the numbers.  Hiring innovative professionals who put the clients’ needs first is a must:  this is what “fiduciary responsibility” means.  There is soooo much that can go wrong.  But, as the story above illustrates, there is sooo much good that can go right.

YOU are the client; we at Millennium 3 take our responsibilities most seriously, do all we can to make things go smooth and yes, we still make house calls. And we do it all: from staging, to drone imagery, active marketing and solid ancillary services.  From multi-million $ Beverly Hills units, to 1 bedroom OC condos, we cover all six lower California counties.

People, NOW IS A GREAT TIME.  For some good temporary reasons, interest rates are actually low, more inventory for the buyer but sellers, take note: interest rates affect the value of your home.  They won’t stay low forever.  Call for advice.  Ready to help!

Len and the Millennium 3 team